The Next-generation wireless network investment: LTE will fill the 5G gap for operators and vendors

Mobile network operators (MNOs) recognise the strategic importance of 5G, but most will defer major investment until the technology matures and the business need for 5G becomes clearer and stronger. In this report, we examine how vendors can engage with MNOs and address network upgrades en route to 5G.

 About this report
 Executive summary
 No clear 5G business need, limited LTE roll-outs and market dislocation due to shifts in architecture will defer investment in mobile networks
 Vendors must deliver incremental LTE improvements to prepare the way for 5G and develop strategies in response to network disaggregation
 List of figures
 Figure 1: Analysys Masons survey indicates that most MNOs are likely to invest in 5G between 2020 and 2026
 Figure 2: 5G investment drivers and barriers
 Figure 3: The state of the 5G business
 Figure 4: Vendor imperatives to increase MNO investment en route to 5G and strengthen market position
 Figure 5: Timeline to investment in 5G NR networks by region

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