2018 Hong Kong Telecom Market Analysis and Outlook Report

The research work strategically analyzes Hong Kong telecommunications market, examining the recent trends, drivers and challenges across diverse dimensions such as growth, demand, pricing, competition, consumer behaviour, infrastructure, policies and others.

The study also provides indepth analysis of segment wise telecommunications including mobile, fixed line and fixed broadband services. The number of subscribers and penetration rates are forecast for each of the sub-segment including mobile, fixed landline and broadband segments from 2005 to 2025.

Hong Kong telecommunication revenues, investment and infrastructure details are also covered in the report. Further, emerging business environment in Hong Kong together with comparison to five competitive benchmark countries are included, to assess the countrys prominence on regional front.

On the competitive analysis front, leading companies along with their market shares are identified. Further, key business strategies of market leaders, their tariffs and SWOT profiles are included. In addition, the research work forecasts the demographic and economic drivers of Hong Kong that enable strategy planners to formulate their pricing and branding strategies.

The report also includes latest telecommunication market developments, mergers, acquisitions and launches, spectrum availability, tenders and other aspects are analyzed.
Executive Summary
- Key Findings
- Hong Kong Telecom Market Overview

Hong Kong Telecom Market- Strategic Analysis
- Trends Shaping the Future of Hong Kong Telecom Industry
- Key strategies being Implemented by Market Leaders
- Telecom Revenues in Hong Kong
- Telecom Investments in Hong Kong
- Market Drivers
- Market Restraints

Hong Kong Telecom Market Outlook
- Fixed Line Subscriber and Penetration Outlook
- Mobile Subscriber and Penetration Outlook
- Fixed Broadband Subscriber and Penetration Outlook

Hong Kong Telecom Competitive Environment
- Market Shares by Company
- Major Operators- Domestic vs International
- Regulatory Body and Its Role in Industry

Hong Kong Telecom Industry Benchmarking
- Overall Ranking as Compared to Peer Markets
- Demand Index
- Infrastructure Index
- Growth Index

Hong Kong Economic Outlook to 2025
- GDP Forecast, 2005- 2025
- GDP per Capita Forecast, 2005- 2025
- Inflation Trends

Hong Kong Demographic Outlook to 2025
- Population Forecast, 2005- 2025
- Population Forecast by Gender, 2005- 2025
- Population Forecast by Age Group, 2005- 2025
- Population Forecast by Location- Rural Population: Urban Population, 2005- 2025
- Unemployment Trends in Hong Kong

Competitor Analysis
- Company A: Profile and operations in Hong Kong
- Company B: Profile and operations in Hong Kong
- Company C: Profile and operations in Hong Kong

Recent Industry Developments


List Of Tables

Table 1: Hong Kong Telecommunications- Key Findings
Table 2: Hong Kong Fixed Landline Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
Table 3: Hong Kong Fixed- broadband Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
Table 4: Hong Kong Mobile communication Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
Table 5: Hong Kong Telecommunications Market Benchmark with Peer Markets - Overall Ranking
Table 6: Infrastructure Index
Table 7: Demand Index
Table 8: Growth Index
Table 9: Hong Kong Demographic Factors- Population Outlook by Age Group, 2005- 2025
Table 10: Hong Kong Population Outlook by Location, 2005- 2025
Table 11: Hong Kong Population Outlook by Gender, 2005- 2025
Table 12: Hong Kong Gross Domestic Product Outlook, 2005- 2025
Table 13: Hong Kong GDP Per Capita Outlook, 2005- 2025

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