The strategies of towercos and fibercos - Full integration in the telecoms value chain

This report gives a snapshot of the development of towercos and fibercos, specifically in EuropeChina and North America.

In particular, it analyses the various business models and go-to market strategies of different towercos and fibercos in the select regions.

It also touches on the range of development strategies of select fibercos and towercos by level of integration in the telecoms value chain.

This market has recently seen a series of mergers and acquisitions and will again in the near future. This underlines a major shift towards towercos and fibercos being a robust business model, moving beyond mere divestment by telecom companies and into independent infrastructure companies.

The main drivers in their emergence include lower cost structure, efficient network expansion, efficient time to market and catering to the growth in data traffic.

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview towercos and fibercos
2.1. Main drivers in the emergence of towercos and fibercos
2.2. State of towerco development
2.3. State of the fiberco development

3. The go-to-market strategies of towercos and fibercos
3.1. Divestment from a telecom operator
3.2. Neutral network wholesaler
3.3. Infrastructure companies expanding in the technology value chain

4. Case studies
4.1. Reykyavik Fiber Network
4.2. China Tower
4.3. Cellnex
4.4. CETIN/O2 CZ

List Of Tables

List of tables and figures

2. Overview of towercos and fibercos
Figure 1: Total fixed and mobile broadband subscriptions
Figure 2: Share of ultrafast fixed (FTTx) and mobile (4G/5G) in global fixed and mobile subscriptions
Figure 3: Involvement of each player in the mobile telecoms value chain
Figure 4: Top worldwide towercos (excluding MNO owned), as of December 2019
Figure 5: Share of 5G in total mobile subscriptions, 2019-2025
Figure 6: Breakdown of IoT market by access technology, 2019-2025
Figure 7: FTTH/B European market evolution, 2012-2019

4. Case studies
Figure 8: Reykjavik Fibre (RFN) connected homes in period 2009 to 2019
Figure 9: Current RFN current offerings, as of April 2020
Figure 10: RFN capex reduction strategy
Figure 11: RFN Financial data
Figure 12: China Tower discount model
Figure 13: Breakdown of China Tower revenues in 2019
Figure 14: Tenants and tenant ratio, 2017 -2019
Figure 15: Trends in EBIDA and EBIDA margin, 2017 -2019
Figure 16: Number of sites per country (towers and fibre) in Europe, as of December 2019
Figure 17: Major M&A activity of Cellnex
Figure 18: Adjusted EBITDA of Cellnex
Figure 19: Recurring Levered Free Cash Flow of Cellnex
Figure 20: CETIN separation
Figure 21: Trends in O2 CZ share prices including CETIN activity prior to 1 June, 2015
Figure 22: CETIN EBITDA and EBITDA margin


  • Altice
  • American Tower
  • Arqiva
  • AT&T
  • Bahnhof
  • BCE
  • Bharti Infratel
  • BT
  • Cellnex
  • CenturyLink
  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • China Tower
  • China Unicom
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cox
  • Crown Castle
  • CTIL
  • Deutsche Funkturm
  • Deutsche Glasfaser
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • edotco
  • Frontier
  • Grupo TorreSur
  • GTL Infrastructure
  • Helios Towers
  • IHS Towers
  • Iliad
  • Indus Towers
  • KGI Wireless
  • KPN
  • MBNL
  • Mila
  • O2
  • OpenFiber
  • Openreach
  • Orange
  • Portugal Telecom
  • Protelindo
  • RFN
  • Rostelecom
  • SaskTel
  • SBA Communications
  • SFR
  • SFR Towers
  • Stockab
  • STP
  • TDF
  • Telefónica
  • Telesites
  • Telus
  • Telxius
  • TIM
  • Tower Bersama
  • Tower Portugal
  • Verizon
  • Viom Networks

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