World Telecom Services & Players – Dataset & Report

The global telecom services market’s trajectory in 2017 and 2018 confirmed, and even amplified, the change in direction that began in 2016 on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the United States, mobile revenue has been on a downwards slide for three years, after hitting a record high in 2015, and dragging the entire telecom services market down with it. And despite a still solid momentum, fixed broadband revenue has not been enough to offset these losses.

In Europe, on the other hand, the mobile services market is slowly getting back on track, and even though growth in the fixed segment has been softer than in North America, the market as a whole is on an upwards swing.

Meanwhile, the growth revival in Latin America continues, after the major setback in 2016, while Asia-Pacific is widening its lead, thanks to emerging superpowers like India, and especially China, and its market value now outweighs North America’s by close to 20%. Lastly, the Africa-Middle East region continues to be a real source of future growth, at least in terms of volume.

This study provides an overview of the market and includes two deliverables:
1. A dataset dedicated to service revenues and usage with data and forecasts up to 2022 for 26 countries, five regions & aggregate world figures.
2. A report (ppt format) providing readers with the current status and 5-year forecasts of the telecom services market, along with analyses of global trends and growth dynamics by technology and by markets. It also provides a profile of the world’s top telcos.

Access indicators

• Number of traditional landlines
• Number of VoIP subscribers
• Number of mobile customers, of LTE customers
• Number of postpaid mobile customers
• Number of M2M SIM-cards
• Number of fixed broadband subscribers ((total and by access technology)
• Market share of the leading mobile operators
• Market share of the leading broadband Internet access providers

Revenue indicators
• Revenues from fixed telephony
• Revenues from fixed data transmission
• Revenues from fixed Internet services
• Mobile services turnover, mobile voice turnover, mobile data turnover

Socio-economic data
• Gross Domestic Product (GDP): annual 2012-2022
• Population

Type of data
• Historical data 2012-2017
• Estimates 2018
• Forecasts up to 2022

Geographical coverage
• The global market for telecom services has been divided into five main zones: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and Africa/Middle East.
• The countries below are detailed within each zone.
• Regional consolidations take into account all the countries of the zone.

America Móvil
Bharti Airtel
Century Link
China Mobile
China Telecom
China Unicom
Deutsche Telekom
Liberty Global

1. Key Trends: Growth will accelerate slowly

2. Markets & Trends by segment
2.1. Share of mobile revenue is increasing regularly
2.2. Growth in fixed data revenue just manages to compensate the losses in fixed telephony
2.3. Mobile services revenue grow despite ARPU decrease
2.4. The slight increase in revenue is due to a volume effect compensating the negative price effect

3. Markets & Trends by region
3.1. Revenues and growth
3.2 Europe – Towards recovery
3.3 North America – Decline in mobile revenue will be gentler than announced
3.4 Asia-Pacific – Leadership on the global mobile market both in volume and in revenue
3.5 Latin America – A very dynamic (fixed) broadband market
3.6 Middle East & Africa (MEA) – Mobile first

4. Top Telcos in World
4.1. The World leaders
4.2 EBITDA margins

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