Mobile 5G Commercialization: Market Demand and Service Revenue Forecast

Mobile 5G Commercialization: Market Demand and Service Revenue Forecast


"Mobile 5G Commercialization: Market Demand and Service Revenue Forecast", Global Outlook Report by It, offers a detailed analysis of the growth opportunities in the mobile 5G market, looking at the current state of play and examining the main growth drivers in four different regions.

Subscriber adoption of the first commercial mobile 5G services on 5G-enabled handsets will start in 2019.

The adoption of mobile 5G services will be supported by the increasing demand for mobile data connectivity at higher speeds, the development of the IoT industry and the emergence of low-latency services (e.g. AR/VR).

The report also includes the following sections -
- Global Overview: this section provides a general analysis of mobile 5G adoption and revenue trends globally in 2018-2023, looking at the main growth drivers for the period.
- Regional trends: four regional profiles are presented - North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa - analysing the 2018-2023 mobile 5G adoption forecasts, growth drivers and revenue opportunity. This section also covers key regional mobile 5G developments including commercialization plans, spectrum allocations, use cases and device availability.
- Key takeaways: a Summary of the key findings of the report.


- APAC, NA, Europe and MENA will see, in 2019, the first commercial mobile 5G service launches on 5G handsets in 2019.
- Latin America (LATAM) will see commercial mobile 5G services arrive in 2021.
- By year-end 2023, we project the number of mobile 5G subscriptions globally will reach 806.9 million, 8.1% of the total mobile subscriptions worldwide.
- NA will be the region where 5G technology makes its biggest contribution to the regions mobile service revenue, while APAC and Europe will rank second and third, respectively.

Reasons to buy

- This report investigates mobile 5G market adoption and revenue growth trends, providing 2018-2023 global and regional subscription and revenue forecasts.
- The report analyses the state of the 5G market, the current trends, drivers and market dynamics leading to 5G service launches and expansion in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & North Africa.
- This analysis is useful for telecom executives to evaluate their position vis--vis the major growth opportunities in 5G and make informed decisions about strategic investments, value proposition and 5G growth strategies.
- The report benchmarks five regions vis a vis mobile 5G commercialization plans and market trends in terms of launch and pace of take-up of 5G mobile subscriptions.

List of Exhibits 4
Executive Summary 5
Section 1: Global Overview 6
Mobile 5G subscription evolution - subscriptions 7
Mobile 5G revenue evolution - revenue 8
Section 2: Regional Trends 9
Mobile 5G in North America 10
Mobile 5G in Asia Pacific 11
Mobile 5G in Europe 12
Mobile 5G in Latin America 13
Mobile 5G in Middle East and North Africa 14
Section 4: Key Takeaways 15
Key takeaways 16
Appendix 17
Acronyms and definitions 18
Companies mentioned 19
About the authors 20
Related research 21
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List Of Figures

Exhibit 1: Global mobile 5G subscriptions and penetration of population by region, 2018-2023 7
Exhibit 2: Mobile 5G service revenue share of total mobile service revenue by region, 2018-2023 8
Exhibit 3: Mobile 5G forecasts - NA, 2018-2023 10
Exhibit 4: Mobile 5G forecasts - APAC, 2018-2023 11
Exhibit 5: Mobile 5G forecasts - Europe, 2018-2023 12
Exhibit 6: Mobile 5G forecasts - LATAM, 2018-2023 13
Exhibit 7: Mobile 5G forecasts - MENA, 2018-2023 14

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