5G - Thematic Research

5G - Thematic Research


The hype around 5G has been building for so long now that it can be easy to forget that it will not become widely commercially available until 2019 at the earliest. Even then, uptake will be minimal - just 0.09% of all mobile data traffic will be carried over 5G by the end of next year.

Plenty of people, both inside and outside of the telecoms industry, are continuing to beat the drum for 5G - only a few months ago, Sprint Chairman Marcelo Claure was describing the seismic move from 4G to 5G as like going from black and white to color TV - but the dissenting voices are growing in volume. They fear that the positioning of 5G as a revolutionary technology that will enable fundamental shifts in how we live and work has served to raise expectations to such a level that the only possible outcome is disappointment. Huaweis chairman Eric Xu made headlines in April 2018 when he appeared to downplay the impact of 5G stating that, while it was faster and more reliable than 4G, consumers would find no material difference between the two technologies.

Xus remarks were particularly surprising because Huawei has invested heavily in 5G. They also went to the heart of an issue that the telecoms sector has struggled with over the last few years: what is 5G actually for? The use cases most commonly cited include autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities, but these all require more than just fast, responsive networks if they are to become pervasive (and Eric Xu has even argued that 5G is not a necessity for autonomous driving). The race to 5G has moved beyond the telecoms industry and become a priority for governments around the world, but it remains unclear whether the prize will ultimately be worth the effort.


- This report looks at 5G and its potential impact on not only the telecoms industry but also the broader global economy.
- It identifies winners and losers among both telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers.

Reasons to buy

- This report looks at how the major players in the global telecoms industry are preparing for the arrival of 5G, which is expected to become commercially available in 2019.
- It highlights the main trends in 5G from a technology, macroeconomic and regulatory perspective.
- Included in the report are forecasts for 5G subscriptions and data traffic, analysis of recent 5G-related M&A activity, and a timeline tracking key developments in 5G.
- The report also uses a scorecard approach to illustrate the impact of 5G on telecom operators and telecom equipment makers.

Technology trends 4
Macroeconomic trends 6
Regulatory trends 7
Market size and growth forecasts 9
The mobile data explosion 10
Competitive analysis 12
Mergers and acquisitions 15
Timeline 16
The eight fundamental capabilities of 5G 18
Operators 20
Equipment makers 23
Telecom operator sector scorecard 25
Whos who in the telecom operator sector 25
Thematic screen 26
Valuation screen 27
Risk screen 28
Telecom equipment sector scorecard 29
Whos who in the telecom equipment sector 29
Thematic screen 30
Valuation screen 31
Risk screen 32

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