Shale as a theme in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research

Shale as a theme in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research


Shale developments have appropriately been described as a revolution and are forecast to provide continued growth for decades to come. The US energy landscape has greatly benefited from the shale industry as production contributions have helped place the US at the top of global crude production and future gas supply is anticipated to exceed demand far into the future. In the next 5-10 years, global leaders in shale, mostly consisting of those with acreage in the key US geographies, will continue to drive investment and production growth at scale tilting the balance of energy trade away from traditional producers. International shale players have faced significantly more challenges but may still impact the global trade in the long term.

The shale industry, also known as “unconventional” and “resource plays”, have several common features that set them apart from conventional oil & gas production. Shale formations which are sedimentary rock made of fine-grained silt and mud which has been compacted and heated over time, occurring over vast geographic areas with consistent thicknesses are the main focus of exploration and production. A common geologic factor is the high organic content present during the deposition of the shale which are the source of the hydrocarbons found today. Resource plays consist of mostly homogenous geology that can be consistently and reliably drilled at scale using streamlined and lean manufacturing principles.


- This report analyses the impact of shale as a theme in the oil & gas industry.
- It discusses how factors such as execution and optimization are key elements for companies to be rewarded with greater economic returns.
- It identifies global leaders and laggards in shale production.

Reasons to buy

- The report highlights some of the key players for the shale theme in three distinct categories of the oil & gas industry - upstream, midstream, and oil field services.
- It identifies the key trends in the global oil & gas shale industry.
- It provides an industry analysis, explaining the development of shale oil and gas resources across US, Canada, and outside of North America.
- The report explores the shale oil & gas value chain across three key segments - upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Upstream Companies 3
Oil Field Services Companies 4
Midstream Companies 4
Oil & gas sector trends 5
Technology trends 7
Macroeconomic trends 8
Oil & Gas Shales in the US 9
Oil & Gas Shales in Canada 18
Oil & Gas Shale Development outside of North America 20
Impact of Shale Boom on the US Macroeconomic Environment 24
Timeline of Global Oil & Gas Shale Industry 26
Merger and Acquisition Activities 27
Upstream 32
Midstream and Downstream 32
Transportation and Processing of Shale Oil and Gas 32
Storage and Distribution of Shale Oil and Gas 33
End Use of Shale Oil and Gas 33
Upstream Shale Companies 34
Oil Field Services Companies 36
Midstream Shale Companies 37

Shale as a theme in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research

Shale as a theme in Oil and Gas - Thematic Research

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