3D Printing in Oil and Gas - Thematic Research

3D Printing in Oil & Gas - Thematic Research


3D printing, or “additive manufacturing”, is the process of joining materials to make objects from three-dimensional model data, usually layer upon layer. In 2013, the 3D printing industry was worth $3bn, and grew to $7bn in 2017. By 2025, the 3D printing market will account for over $20bn in spend.

The 3D printing market blends software technology with materials science and the growth in interest in 3D printing technology is fueling a significant amount of R&D investment in the core technologies that make up 3D printing solutions.
Today, 3D printing is not commonly used as a replacement for volume manufacture, where the technology and materials cost means that other manufacturing approaches are more suitable. However, it is now widely used in prototyping across a number of sectors where it can significantly lower the cost of development.

This application is expected to become a vital component for industries that lean heavily toward machines, robotics, large and small equipment, and more complex components. Within an industry such as energy, oil and gas (O&G) companies find themselves at a critical stage of replacing, retrofitting, and maintaining large portions of their equipment and physical infrastructure.

Due to the nature of the operations within the oil and gas industry, many facilities, plants, and rigs are situated in remote areas and transporting spare parts or maintenance crews to them is a lengthy process. The application of 3D printing has the capabilities to address this challenge by providing quick, on-demand materials and easily replicated parts to these remote outposts.


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Oil & gas industry themes 6
Technology trends 8
Macroeconomic trends 8
Regulatory trends 9
Use cases 10
History 10
Market size forecasts 12
Competitor landscape 13
Mergers and acquisitions 14
Timeline 15
Prototyping 16
Health care 17
Apparel 17
Automotive 17
Aerospace 18
Jewelry 18
Food 18
Logistics 18
Piracy 19
Construction 19
Oil and gas case studies 20
Key recommendations for oil & gas companies 21
Industrial 3D printer manufacturers 22
Consumer 3D printer manufacturers 23
3D printing services companies 24
Oil & gas companies 25
Definition 27
The eight leading 3D printing technologies 27
The Additive Manufacturing Technology Matrix 31

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