IT Industry Business Confidence Report, H1 2018

IT Industry Business Confidence Report, H1 2018


GlobalDatas "IT Industry Business Confidence Report, H1 2018", examines executives opinion about the business environment during H1 2018. It also highlights current economic conditions, supplier price variations, sales performance, industry and company growth prospects, spending models, and key priorities. Additionally, the report provides information categorized by region.

The existing economic climate is stable for the IT industry, and customer confidence levels will remain positive during H1 2018 (March 2018-August 2018). The majority of executives who operate in North America indicate a favorable opinion about economic growth prospects in the region over the next six months. Increasing investment in technology, improved competition among the leading IT companies, growing business needs, the rise in consumer income and expenditure, and expanding software and IT services market are the factors influencing the IT industry during H1 2018. Globally, 65% and 64% of executives are optimistic about the industry and company growth prospects respectively. Furthermore, the IT industry anticipates a rise of 4.5% in the price of technology consulting over the next six months. Additionally, the performance of North American economies and rising new competition are the crucial challenges for companies with business operations in North America.

What else does this report offer?
- The current state of the global economy: examines predominating economic conditions globally and across multiple regions
- Company and industry growth outlook: provides industry executives expectations about the growth prospects of their company and the industry over the next six months
- Change in customer confidence: analyzes IT industry executives opinion about the shift in customer confidence during H1 2018
- Supplier prices projection: determines the expected variation in supplier prices across different categories and their impact on business confidence
- Change in staff headcount and sales performance: anticipates and tracks the shift in staff headcount and sales for H1 2018 among industry executives globally as well as regionally
- Significant investment activities: highlights different areas in which industry executives intend to spend and invest over the next six months
- Business concerns: provides information about potential business concerns indicated by survey respondents for H1 2018
- Key priorities: identifies the top priorities of industry executives operating in various regions.


- Overall, 49% of survey respondents state that the current economic environment is stable, whereas 39% of respondents indicate a favorable or very favorable economic environment
- Respondents with business operations in North America and Asia-Pacific record the highest positive outlook towards industry growth over the next six months
- In total, 59% of global IT industry executives anticipate a positive or very positive change in consumer confidence, whereas 35% of executives expect no change in customer confidence during H1 2018
- Capital expenditure on new product development and research and analysis is forecast to increase during the next six months
- The highest percentage of executives with operations in Europe and Asia-Pacific highlighted improving operational efficiency as the key priority during H1 2018.

Reasons to buy

- Assists companies to make effective business strategy decisions by knowing the prevailing market conditions and sentiment within the IT industry
- Support organizations in business expansion decisions by providing information concerning the projected variation in sales performance and supplier prices
- Helps to improve operational efficiency and to protect and grow market share by comprehending the essential priorities and major concerns of IT industry executives
- Serves to adjust investment allocation by outlining key focus areas highlighted by survey respondents during H1 2018.

Definitions and abbreviations
Methodology and sample size
Respondent profile

Economic state, growth prospects, and consumer confidence
Existing economic environment
Industry and company growth outlook
Expected change in consumer confidence

Supplier prices, staff headcount, and sales performance
Supplier prices expectations
Anticipated change in staff head count and sales projections
Anticipated change in spend on key activities

Business concerns and organizational priorities
Level of concerns and expected impact
Significance of potential business priorities


List Of Figures

List of Figures
Figure 1: Current economic condition - Overall
Figure 2: Current economic condition - Region
Figure 3: Current economic condition - Those who operate and do not operate in a region
Figure 4: Industry and company growth prospects - Overall
Figure 5: Industry and company growth prospects - Overall - In detail
Figure 6: Industry and company growth prospects - Region
Figure 7: Anticipated variation in consumer confidence - Overall
Figure 8: Anticipated variation in consumer confidence - Region
Figure 9: Projected change in supplier prices - Software - Overall and regional
Figure 10: Projected change in supplier prices - Hardware - Overall and regional
Figure 11: Projected change in supplier prices - Power and Energy - Overall and regional
Figure 12: Projected change in supplier prices - Technology - Overall and regional
Figure 13: Staff headcount and sales outlook - Regional
Figure 14: Expenditure projection on key activities - Overall
Figure 15: Top five business concerns - Region
Figure 16: Business concerns - Overall and regional - A
Figure 17: Business concerns - Overall and regional - B
Figure 18: Business concerns - Overall and regional - C
Figure 19: Top five organizational priorities - Region
Figure 20: Organizational priorities - Overall and region

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