The Pay-TV services in emerging Asia–Pacific: trends and forecasts 2017–2022

Cable TV has peaked in emerging AsiaPacific; growth remains in IPTV and satellite, but OTT video will cast a shadow over the market. This report provides detailed five year forecasts of this interplay in the region.

5.Regional forecasts and cross-country comparison


6.Emerging Asia–Pacific: IPTV will thrive, but the greatest winner in terms of spend and subscriber growth will be OTT-to-the-TV-set


7.Emerging Asia–Pacific: Bundling, piracy and digital migration are some of the key factors that affect growth in the region


8.Emerging Asia–Pacific: Strong growth in IPTV and satellite services will be at the expense of cable


9.Emerging Asia–Pacific: OTT growth will be strong, but not at the expense of traditional pay TV in most markets in the short-to-medium term


10.Emerging Asia–Pacific: IPTV and satellite have greater growth prospects than cable


11.Individual country forecasts


12.China: OTT video will increase in value and scale at a faster rate than traditional pay TV from 2017 onwards


13.India: Reliance Jio’s fibre aspirations will make or break the
Indian pay-TV business


14.Indonesia: Telkom Indonesia’s ambitious triple-play strategy
will help to double pay-TV penetration in the region by 2021


15.Malaysia: Infrastructure investment will drive growth in IPTV
and OTT video services


16.Philippines: Satellite services will continue to lead the
market, while piracy will subdue growth


17.Thailand: Growth in the number of traditional pay-TV
subscribers will be limited as operators focus on OTT services


18.Vietnam: Cable growth will be supplanted by IPTV growth as
operator fibre plans ramp up later in the forecast period

19.Forecast methodology and assumptions

20.Our spend forecasts focus on linear and on-demand content to the TV set

21.Our definition of ‘OTT-video-to-the-TV’ services

22.About the author and Analysys Mason

23.About the author

24.Analysys Mason’s consulting and research are uniquely positioned

25.Research from Analysys Mason

26.Consulting from Analysys Mason

List of figures:

Figure 1: Pay-TV spend by service type and ASPU for traditional and OTT-to-the-TV-set services, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2014–2022

Figure 2: Pay-TV spend and growth rates by service type, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2016–2022

Figure 3: Pay-TV connections and growth rates by type, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2016–2022

Figure 4: Selected factors that affect the take-up and value of pay-TV services in emerging Asia–Pacific

Figure 5: Pay-TV connections and ASPU by access technology, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2014–2022

Figure 6: Household penetration of traditional pay-TV services, emerging Asia–Pacific countries, 2014–2022

Figure 7: OTT-to-the-TV-set subscription penetration, emerging Asia–Pacific countries, 2014–2022

Figure 8: Traditional pay-TV connections by technology and OTT-video-to-the-TV-set penetration by country, emerging Asia–Pacific, 2022

Figure 9: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, China, 2014–2022

Figure 10: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, India, 2014–2022

Figure 11: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, Indonesia, 2014–2022

Figure 12: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, Malaysia, 2014–2022

Figure 13: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, Philippines, 2014–2022

Figure 14: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, Thailand, 2014–2022

Figure 15: Household penetration of pay TV by access technology, Vietnam, 2014–2022

Figure 16: Scope of our pay-TV spend forecasts

Figure 17: Definition of OTT video services to the TV 

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