Cloud Computing - Industry has changed much, but challenges remain

Cloud Computing - Industry has changed much, but challenges remain


Once dismissed as a fad which, whilst appearing to have the qualities of revolutionary change, would fade with time as so many others have done, has morphed to become the catalyst for change across much of the economy early proponents promised. Now forming a central part of what is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, hailed as the fourth industrial revolution, cloud computing will create winners and losers whilst inciting fundamental change in how many businesses operate, driving forward profits for the leading companies. Yet, just as with every meaningful development, obstacles must be overcome if the market is to continue its seemingly unstoppable growth development.

Key Questions Answered

- Why is cloud computing growing so well?
- Why is it so important to other industries?
- Which companies are making money on the back of this development?


- Learn how important cloud computing is to businesses and governments.
- Examine why the industry is growing so well and who is profiting
- What problems does cloud computing overcome and what other industries is it facilitating as a result.

Reasons to buy

- Such is the pace of change in how major businesses now use cloud computing as a means of improving efficiency and dealing with fantastically complex flows of information, General Electric claim by 2020 over 50 billion devices globally will be connecting to the internet.
- Not so long ago physical stores were declared to be running short of time and would eventually disappear altogether. Many suffered from what was termed show rooming where consumers would view an item in a physical store before electing to buy it online, frequently from a different retailer.
- Central to the concept of Industry 4.0, the much vaunted fourth industrial revolution, is the factory of the future. Garnering the full range of benefits provided by big data and cloud computing, as well as a fleet of other technologies, new technically advanced factories will depend upon sophisticated cloud computing.

Overview 2
Catalyst 2
Cloud computing: Industry has changed much, but challenges remain 2
Cloud computing has changed much but challenges remain 5
Cloud computing is changing how major manufacturers operate, allowing the creation of new products 5
Cloud computing has changed how retail companies work, inciting major spending 6
Factory of the future made possible by cloud computing: Major companies now investing in long-term future of the cloud 7
Despite the potential gains, cloud computing also comes with problems 9
Amazon Web Services domination of market could stifle long-term innovation 9
Conclusion 11
Appendix 12
Further Reading 12
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Disclaimer 13

List Of Figures

Figure 1: Value of Global Cloud Computing services 2011-2016 ($bn) 5
Figure 2: Value of Global Internet Retail 2008-2016 ($bn) 7
Figure 3: Nine sections of Industry 4.0 8
Figure 4: Revenues of Amazon 2008-2016 ($bn) 10

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