Cleaning up space - A new space industry is born

Cleaning up space - A new space industry is born


Outer space is still subject to many years of further development, exploration and money-making opportunities for companies operating in a large array of industries. The main limitation currently is producing the man power and technological resources to be able to fully realize what is beyond planet earth, and commercially realizing how earthlings are able to travel in and out of space like they are visiting another country and back. That said, there are still many large corporations working on methods and plans on achieving these milestones, it ultimately comes down to who gets there first and takes up the business space first as these new discoveries will be the forefront of commercial opportunity.

Key Questions Answered

- Why is the space industry suddenly burgeoning again?
- Who is interested in cleaning up space?
- Why is this industry important for the future of space travel?


- Learn how the development of cheaper space travel has allowed new space industries to develop.
- Examine how space is being heavily invested in and what players are venturing into orbit.
- The operation to clean up space is critical to allowing further space industries to flourish.

Reasons to buy

- As space explorations continue to grow, so does the amount of rocket left overs and scraps of metal that surround the space around Earth. This becomes increasingly dangerous as time goes on, increasing the risk of collisions between satellites and other metals putting the humans below at risk which has now come to a point where something has to be done about it.
- After all the launches into space, it is clear that there is a great deal of debris in outer space that needs clearing up. This now presents opportunities for innovative business to think up ways to clear up the junk yard. To date, the debris is to continue increasing for the rest of time as technological improvements and space businesses keep up with their space experiments and exploration.
- Japanese Space cleaners are taking it upon themselves to capture and remove space debris. From its manufacturing plant in Tokyo, Astroscale is currently developing two types of satellite. The first is a micro satellite that will collect real-time data on space junk that is smaller than a millimeter

Overview 2
Catalyst 2
Cleaning up space, a new Industry is born 2
Cleaning up space, A new Industry is born 5
Space exploration is on the up and protecting investments is key 5
Space junk has built up over decades, time for a clean-up 5
Junk that arrived there up to 50 years ago still orbits Earth 5
Entrepreneurs start thinking of ways to clear the junk yard 7
There will be little space for companies to clean up space 10
Conclusion 12
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List Of Figures

Figure 1: John Glenn, one of the first astronauts to enter space 6
Figure 2: Cataloged Objects in Orbit as of October 2012 7
Figure 3: The prospect of nets being used to capture space junk 8
Figure 4: Astroscales ELSA satellites in a demonstration phase in 2016 9
Figure 5: White dots indicate what is meant to be Space Junk orbiting Earth, currently 10

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