Challenges and Opportunities of the "My Number" System in Japan

My Number is a national identification system implemented in Japan. Japanese residents can apply for a My Number card at local government offices, which contains their basic personal information and can serve as a form of personal identification. As of November 2022, a total of 67.84 million cards have been issued, with over 53% of the population holding a My Number card. However, while the number of applications continues to reach new heights each year, challenges such as concerns over personal data leaks and issues related to convenience in the application process remain to be resolved. The report provides an overview of the development of the My Number system, looks into its pros and cons, and examines its future developments.

1. Background
2. How My Number System Works
3.The Implementation of My Number System
4. Challenges of the My Number System
5. Future Development

List Of Figures

Figure 1 The Front and Back Illustrations of the My Number Card
Figure 2 Issuance of My Number Card, 2016 - 2022
Figure 3 Application Rate of My Number Cards by Different Age Groups

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