Taiwan ICT Industry Outlook, 2021 and Beyond

The US-China trade war, supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 and geopolitics, and the rise of emerging technologies have played key roles in affecting the global ICT industry since 2020. With ongoing trade conflict and pandemic, the global IT industry has developed towards regional production. This has somewhat put Taiwan at a great advantage as Taiwan has comprises of solid and resilient upstream and downstream industrial supply chain clusters with adequate IT hardware and R&D talents to tap the needs of the global semiconductor, IT hardware, network communications, and smartphone industry. This report provides an overview of the development of Taiwan IT industrial infrastructure and environment; looks into the development status of the Taiwanese semiconductor industry and the ICT industry, which comprises of notebook computer, desktop computer, server, motherboard, a wide range of network communications devices, and smartphone; examines the key development trends of the Taiwan ICT industry.
Table of Contents
1.Taiwan ICT Industrial Infrastructure and Environment
2.Development of the Taiwanese Semiconductor and ICT Industry
2.1 Semiconductor Industry
2.2 IT Hardware Industry
2.3 Network Communications Industry
2.4 Smartphone Industry
3. Key Development Trends of the Taiwan ICT Industry

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