Tech Unicorns - Top 10 Themes in 2021 - Thematic Research

Tech Unicorns - Top 10 Themes in 2021 - Thematic Research


The term unicorn describes a rare, mythical creature, but unicorns (privately-held companies worth $1bn or more) are no longer rare. There are currently 826 unicorns, of which 751 are tech unicorns.

Key Highlights

- In early 2020, there was a pandemic-induced slowdown in new tech unicorn births. However, 2021 promises to be a record year, with 228 new tech unicorns created in H1 2021 alone.
- Half of todays tech unicorns are operating in the ecommerce, cloud, or fintech themes. Another 30% operate in the AI, healthtech, edtech, big data, cybersecurity, digital media, and blockchain themes.
- The US is home to half of the tech unicorns today, while China hosts 22% of them. The US hosts most of the cloud, fintech, healthtech, big data, and cybersecurity unicorns. China leads in AI unicorns.
- Tiger Global is the leading investor in tech unicorns. Sequoia Capital and Softbank follow closely behind. All three have a strong portfolio in top three themes: ecommerce, cloud, and fintech.


- This report looks at the top 10 themes in which todays tech unicorns operate.
- It includes a list of all the current unicorns for each theme.
- It also provides details of the current top 10 unicorns operating in each theme, including valuation, funding, country, and description.
- In addition, we include the geographical distribution of the current tech unicorns for each theme, the top investors by number of investments in the current unicorns, the unicorns which we expect to exit the club in the next two years, and a list of start-ups that we expect will soon become unicorns.

Reasons to Buy

- The number of tech unicorns is growing rapidly. This report will help you understand why and identify the themes that are driving this growth.
- It highlights the top 10 tech themes in which todays unicorns operate. These include ecommerce, cloud, fintech, AI, healthtech, edtech, big data, cybersecurity, digital media, and blockchain.
- It includes predictions on which unicorns might IPO soon and analysis of start-ups that we expect to achieve unicorn status.
- In addition, it provides analysis of the leading investors in unicorns, including a look at the themes in which they are investing.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
How many tech unicorns exist today?
Where do todays tech unicorns live?
What are the top 10 unicorn themes?
Who are the top investors in tech unicorns today?
Further reading
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