Development of Worldwide 5G MEC Server Vendors (pre-order)

As 5G networks continue to be built and cloud data centers expand to the edge, 5G MEC (Multiple-access Edge Computing) has become a key development trend for IT vendors while bringing significant market opportunities for global server vendors. This report looks into different industry groups supporting 5G MEC to analyze key server vendors’ development and opportunities in this market, including Dell, Nokia, and Wiwynn.
Table of Contents
1.Development of the Worldwide MEC Market
1.1 MEC Looks Promising in the Telecom Industry
1.2 5G as Major Driving Force for MEC Growth
2.Analysis of Industry Groups Supporting 5G MEC
2.1 Eight Industry Groups Engaged in 5G MEC
2.2 5G MEC Seen as a New Market Opportunity for Server Vendors
3.Development of Key 5G MEC Server Vendors and Products
3.1 Development of 5G MEC Server Vendors
3.1.1 Branded Vendors Develop Software/Hardware Technology through Early Engagement in Telecommunications
3.1.2 Contract Makers Move from Access Networks towards Edge and Core Networks via Open Structure
3.1.3 Leading International Network Communications Vendors Expand to IT from CT and Develop 5G Solutions Containing Cloud Platforms
3.2 Key Players’ Major 5G MEC Products
3.2.1 Dell: Works with Telecoms, Hardware Manufacturers, and Software Vendors to Target the Private Enterprise Network Market
3.2.2 Nokia: Enhances Edge Computing Performance with RIC x Apps
3.2.3 Wiwynn: Works with Leading IC Makers to Shorten Time to Market
4.Opportunities for 5G MEC Server Vendors
4.1 Servers Become More Important in Boosting Revenue and Cutting Costs due to Trends towards Open Structure
4.2 Leading Cloud Service Providers Expand to Edge Computing to Address Local Computing Needs
4.3 Telecoms Adjust Strategies to Work with Leading Cloud Service Providers on 5G MEC
5.MIC Perspective
List of Companies

List Of Tables

Table 1. Competitive Advantages of 5G MEC Server Vendors 

List Of Figures

Figure 1. Forecast of the Worldwide MEC Equipment Market, 2019 - 2028 

Figure 2. Forecast of the Worldwide MEC Application Market, 2028 

Figure 3. Major Industry Groups Engaged in 5G MEC 

Figure 4. Possible Locations of 5G MEC 

Figure 5. Wiwynn’s Development in the 5G MEC Server Market 

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