Applications and Market Opportunities of NR-RedCap (pre-order)

Release 17 for 5G is expected to be completed in 2022 and is projected to include the IoT (Internet of Things) technology of NR-RedCap (New Radio Reduced Capability). As this technology only needs 10MHz bandwidth to achieve a data rate of 150Mbps and can reduce the power consumption of the device, it is expected to be adopted in places where power supply is unavailable and high-speed transmission is required. This report provides an overview of NR-RedCap technology and looks into different use cases to identify applications and opportunities of NR-RedCap in the market.
Table of Contents
1.Current Status of IoT Technology and Development of NR-RedCap
1.1 Types of IoT Technology: Short Range and Wide Area
1.2 Development of the Worldwide Wide Area IoT Market
1.3 Progress of IoT-related 5G Technology
1.4 NR-RedCap Addresses the Needs of Mid-range Use Cases
1.5 Easy Integration of NR-RedCap and 5G Networks to Reduce Operational and Management Complexity
2. Applications of NR-RedCap
2.1 Industrial Wireless Sensor: Highly Reliable Sensor Networks
2.2 Video Surveillance: HD Images to Facilitate Decision-making
2.3 Smartwatch: Keep Track of Kids’ Locations
2.4 Smartglasses: Instructions to On-site Staff to Improve Productivity
3. Opportunities Brought by NR-REDCAP for IoT Service Providers
3.1 NR-RedCap to Fill the Void in Telecoms’ IoT Solutions in the Medium-speed Sector
3.2 NR-RedCap to Reduce Device Costs and Expand the Private Network Market
4. MIC Perspective
List of Companies

List Of Tables

Table 1 Comparison of IoT Technology 

Table 2 Stakeholders Participated in the NR-RedCap Standard Establishment 


List Of Figures

Figure 1 Short Range and Wide Area IoT Technology 

Figure 2 Worldwide Wide Area IoT Market Forecast, 2019-2023 

Figure 3 Roadmap of 3GPP Standardization 

Figure 4 NR-RedCap to Meet the Needs of Mid-range Use Cases 

Figure 5 Easy Integration of NR-RedCap in 5G Core Networks 

Figure 6 Three Major Application Areas of NR-RedCap 

Figure 7 Distribution of IoT Devices by Number of Connections 

Figure 8 Factory Applications with Different Data Rate and Reliability Requirements 

Figure 9 Supply and Demand Sides of Private Enterprise Networks 

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