Smart Clothing (Wearable Tech) - Thematic Research

Smart Clothing (Wearable Tech) - Thematic Research


Smart clothing is a type of wearable tech. It includes garments and footwear with integrated sensors that transmit biometric and other datasets. Smart clothing is essentially electronic devices designed to communicate with connected devices (like smartphones) and the wearers body. Worth $668m in 2020, the global smart clothing market will expand to over $4bn by 2030, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% over the 10-year period, according to GlobalData forecasts. The industry will pass the $1bn revenue mark by 2023.

Progress in areas such as electronic textiles, artificial intelligence (AI), motion tracking, and haptics will drive the smart clothing markets growth. Currently, smart clothing products are targeted at consumers, particularly people interested in health and fitness. However, the sports, healthcare, and military industries will become key users of smart clothing in the coming years, valuing the technologys ability to provide continuous monitoring of physical activity. For now, the smart clothing industry is awaiting investment from leading technology and apparel companies. This will improve the products capabilities and influence market adoption, a pressing concern for todays smart clothing vendors.


- This report provides an overview of the smart clothing theme.
- It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the theme over the next 12 to 24 months, split into three categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, and regulatory trends.
- It includes comprehensive industry analysis, including forecasts for smart clothing revenues and shipments to 2030 alongside overall wearable tech market sizing data.
- The detailed value chain shows where smart clothing fits into the broader Internet of Things ecosystem.

Reasons to Buy

- Smart clothing is a nascent market but has potential for significant growth.
- This report provides an overview of the smart clothing theme, including information on the leading companies and emerging start-ups. It also provides details of how smart clothing works and how it can be used by both consumers and enterprises.

Executive summary
Technology briefing
Industry analysis
Value chain
Sector scorecard
Further reading
Thematic methodology

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