5G - Regulatory Developments and Outlook in Asia-Pacific

5G - Regulatory Developments and Outlook in Asia-Pacific


5G - Regulatory Developments and Outlook in Asia-Pacific, a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of current and future 5G spectrum allocations, regulatory developments, and policy initiatives that are supporting 5G deployments and ecosystem development in the region.

5G has become an integral part of several countries economic development and competitive strategies in Asia-Pacific.This report analyzes the key regulatory and policy drivers supporting 5G rollouts and ecosystem development in APAC. It also provides regulators, telcos and vendors with guidance on the best practices related to these themes, to support 5G development and help unlock the economic benefits of 5G.

The report also reviews examples of key impediments to 5G development in the region, ranging from use cases maturity to vendor constraints and provides best practices on how to adress these. It also provides a Summary of several Asia-Pacific countries 5G auctions, national 5G strategies and related policy initiatives. The three APAC country case studies deep dive into the main 5G roadmap, regulations, policies, and national strategies that the countries have adopted to support 5G services and rollouts. The report then concludes with key findings and recommendations into the establishment of a supportive and investment-friendly regulatory environment for 5G and the initiatives that countries can adopt to foster 5G development.

It provides an in-depth analysis of the following -
- Section 1: 5G Spectrum, Policies, and Regulations in Asia-Pacific: A Summary overview of the 5G spectrum availability in Asia-Pacific (APAC), deep dives into the main policis and regulations that are being harnessed by regulators and governments to boost the 5G ecosystems development and gives examples of the impediments to the technologys development.
- Section 2: 5G Regulatory Status and Progress in Asia-Pacific: Fsix countries in the region, this provides an overview of the status of the 5G spectrum auctions and of their 5G national strategies.
- Section 3: Case studies: Offers three country case studies which examine how regulators and governments have adopted policies and regulations to establish an investment-friendly and supportive ecosystem for 5G development - including making available adequate 5G spectrum, adopting national 5G strategies, streamlining planning regulations to facilitate 5G rollouts, incentivizing private investment, and promoting industry collaboration around 5G use case development.
- Section 4: Key findings and recommendations: A Summary of key findings and recommendations for regulators, governments, and telcos globally on establishing supportive 5G regulatory and investment ecosystems.


- Several regulatory and policy best practices have been employed in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to help realise 5Gs potential: e.g. ensuring sufficient and affordable spectrum resources for operators in 5G-usable frequency bands, encouraging infrastructure sharing, creating regulatory certainty around cell site deployments, incentivising private investment in 5G, as well as adopting and implementing national 5G strategies with the different vertical industries and 5G ecosystem players.
- Regulators can work with central/local authorities to simplify planning regulations, procedures for access to public infrastructure (e.g., lampposts and street furniture) and engineering works permissions in public/residential areas.
- Regulators can introduce measures for supply chain diversification.
- South Korea, Japan, and China, home to global telecom and electronics vendors - e.g. Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and NEC - have policies that have brought them to the cutting edge of 5G deployment and aim to develop a competitive advantage in 5G services and manufacturing.
- Japans 5G strategy, for instance, champions innovation, through investment-friendly regulations, and supporting the globalization of 5G ecosystem players
- Chinas Plan for Promoting 5G+ Industrial Internet 512 Program (2019) and the Circular on Accelerating 5G Development (2020), have been directing the countrys economy towards 5G development.

Reasons to Buy

- This Telecom Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the regulations and policies that support 5G rollouts and ecosystem development in APAC.
- It offers insights and best practices on spectrum auctions in APAC for 5G - including the amount of frequencies auctioned, the spectrum bands made available, the affordability and timely availability - as a way to help regulators and telcos in their 5G rollouts.
- It also talks about regulations that can be harnessed to support network investments such as planning rights regulations, network sharing and supply chain resiliency and diversification.
- The report also presents a number of initiatives that governments have adopted to spur an investment-friendly 5G ecosystem such as adopting tax incentives, funding, public-private-partnerships and frameworks supportive to infrastructure investments and innovation.
- Further insights and best practices are provided on governments roles in spurring collaboration in the 5G ecosystem between vertical industry players, telecom operators, vendors, and other relevant ecosystem players to co-create and co-develop 5G use cases and services.
- Three APAC country case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights around different countries national 5G strategies and the 5G policies and regulations they have adopted to establish an investment-friendly environment for 5G and to develop the 5G ecosystem.
- The report will help regulators, governments and telecom executives craft adapted policies, regulations and national strategies to help unlock the potential of 5G in their markets.

List of Exhibits
Executive Summary
Section 1: 5G Spectrum, Policies, and Regulations in Asia-Pacific
Availability of 5G Spectrum in Asia Pacific
Main Policies and Regulations to Boost the 5G ecosystem
Key Considerations for a Supportive 5G Regulatory Ecosystem
Impediments to 5G Development in Asia-Pacific
Section 2: 5G Regulatory Status and Progress in Asia Pacific
5G Spectrum Auctions and Progress Status in Asia-Pacific
Section 3: Case Studies
New Zealand
South Korea
Section 4: Key Takeaways and Recommendations
Key Takeaways and Recommendations
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