Smart Cities in the Americas - Regional Status and Key Case Studies, 2020 Update

Smart Cities in the Americas - Regional Status and Key Case Studies, 2020 Update

Smart Cities in the Americas - Regional Status and Key Case Studies, 2020 Update, a new Telecom Insider Report by It, provides an executive-level overview of the smart city market in the Americas. It delivers qualitative insights into the smart city market, smart city value chain, and ecosystem dynamics in the region. It also analyzes key trends and smart city projects being implemented in the Americas.

Smart city initiatives can help to manage the complexities arising from urban life, helping city planners and administrations across the Americas improve public service efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality of life. Along the smart city value chain, several players are involved, from project owners and managers, typically a city’s local authorities, to solution providers offering software, hardware, and connectivity services. This report analyzes the smart city ecosystem in the Americas and provides insights on local initiatives in both North America and Latin America.

The report provides analysis of the following -
- Smart cities taxonomy & market context: an overview of the smart city context in the Americas and analysis of the smart city value-chain and the role of telcos.
- The situation of smart cities in the Americas: an overview on the main smart city opportunities and challenges and how these are driving and impacting smart city investment.
- Smart city case studies: this section details the business models and strategies of two smart city projects in the Americas. It also details telco involvement in these projects.
- Key findings and recommendations: the Insider concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for smart city stakeholders, including telecom service providers.


- Improving city services and citizen quality of life will foster investment in smart cities.
- Smart city initiatives in the region predominantly focus on four areas: mobility, security, sustainability, and public services.
- All projects have as a common primary requirement the widespread existence of good quality ICT infrastructure and access to information, which sits at the core of any project.
- A number of telecom operators in the region have extended their smart city solutions beyond connectivity. Telcos also offer M2M/IoT solutions, IoT platforms, managed services, and cybersecurity along with a number of dedicated smart city use cases.

Reasons to Buy

- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the value chain and business models of smart city projects in the Americas region. It helps executives fully understand smart city market dynamics, determine key smart city positioning strategies, formulate effective product development plans and optimize return on investments.
- Case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights around two smart city projects in the region, including scope, services, budgets, and timelines. The case studies also give an overview of the type of smart city solutions, use cases and value propositions telcos have rolled out. This will help telecom executives craft adapted smart city strategies to unlock new revenue streams.
- The report discusses concrete opportunities in the smart cities market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for smart city market participants, including telecom service providers.

List of exhibits
Executive summary
Section1: Taxonomy and market context
Defining a smart city
Smart city value chain
Section 2:
Smart city status in the Americas
Overview of smart city status in the Americas
Smart city challenges and opportunities
Examples of smart city projects in the Americas
Section 3: Smart cities case studies
Kingston Smart City
The role of telcos in Kingston Smart City
Santa Rita do Sapucaí Smart City
The role of telcos in
Santa Rita do Sapucaí Smart City
Section 4: Key findings and recommendations
Acronyms and definitions
Companies mentioned
About GlobalData
Contact information

List Of Figures


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