Dell Technologies - Company set to become a leader in cloud and edge computing

Dell Technologies - Company set to become a leader in cloud and edge computing


In 2020, cloud computing services are the leading strategic front of Dell Technologies (Dell), but its strength in this area is underpinned by its foundational hardware business. This long-running and reputable arm of its holdings serves as a strong base from which to build competitive cloud solutions through its other subsidiaries. Whilst it has made major strides to bring cloud computing into the center of its commercial strategy, Dell has also made it clear that the future of the business lies in edge computing. This new market is opening up for all players in the cloud computing market, and Dell has an opportunity to get ahead.

Key Highlights
- Dell has made significant moves to reorganize its portfolio over the past year, including its latest announcement in July 2020 that it will explore ways to divest its majority stake in its most valuable cloud computing asset, VMware, to create an independent spinoff company. The emerging portfolio of cloud services assets puts Dell in a very strong position to be the onestop shop for private cloud requirements. The spinoff of VMware is expected to be completed in 2021, and is likely to be a decisive final step towards Dells edge computing strategy.
- Dells focus on hardware has in the past prevented it from keeping pace with public cloud providers, as the public cloud market has exploded during the last decade. However, Dell is in a relatively strong position to catch up to these major players in the emerging marketplace of edge computing, where data handling and computing power is being localized away from the cloud.
- The market for edge computing infrastructure is in the early stages of development, both in terms of vendor strategies and solutions and with regard to use cases and end user adoption. As such it represents an opportunity which Dell has space to take advantage of, and the company has some considerable competitive advantages to pitch it against big tech rivals.


- See how Dell is deploying its technology to become a leading edge and cloud company
- Learn what are the advantages and disadvantages to Dells offering
- Who are the major competitors and can Dell gain an advantage

Reasons to Buy

- How can Dell gain an advantage?
- Who are the major competitors?
- In what areas does Dell dominate?
- In what areas is Dells offering weaker?

1.1. Catalyst
1.2. Summary
2.1. Latest stage of reorganization leaves Dell primed for efficient cloud solutions
2.2. Client Solutions Group (CSG) strengthensDells cloud services
2.3. Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) is Dells digital transformation powerhouse
2.4. VMware is the companys most valuable asset
2.5. Other majority-owned businesses give Della rounded offering
2.6. A likely spinoff of VMware will benefitDellscloud and edge strategies
3.1. Edge computing presents an enormous opportunity
3.2. Dell can win at edge computing where it fell behind with public clouds
3.2.1. Dell has failed to keep pace with public cloud providers
3.2.2. The company has major advantages in the edge computing sphere Networking prowess is founded on leading hardware business Dell has a strong client base Dell is particularly strong in environment integration Flexible consumption offering is more extensive than Microsofts
3.3. So far Dells edge strategy isbuilding momentum
3.3.1. Dellis already showcasing a wide range of edge solutions in 2020
3.3.2. Partnerships and services have come with vulnerabilities
4.1. Abbreviations and acronyms
4.2. Further reading

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Table 1: Glossary of cloud terminology

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Figure 1: Dells major edge competitors and their cloud offerings as of July 2020.

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