Smart Home in Africa and the Middle East: Telco State of Play and New Approaches to Service Monetization

Smart Home in Africa and the Middle East: Telco State of Play and New Approaches to Service Monetization

Smart Home in Africa and the Middle East: Telco State of Play and New Approaches to Service Monetization’ is a new Telecom Insider Report by , provides an executive-level overview of the smart home market in Africa and the Middle East (AME). It delivers deep qualitative insights into the smart home market and smart home ecosystem dynamics in the region. It also analyzes key new monetization approaches being implemented in AME.

The report defines the smart home ecosystem and solution categories. It then examines recent smart home developments in AME, as well as what smart home services are offered by telcos. In 2019, a number of telcos in the AME region started offering smart home services or expanded their portfolio. For instance, Batelco in Bahrain and STC in Saudi Arabia launched their first service offerings. Zain launched in 2018, and extended its portfolio with a range of devices from TP-Link. Vodacom introduced a range of services under the brand V by Vodacom. Turkcell in 2019 debuted its own intelligent personal assistant application, Yaani.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the following -
- Introduction: an overview of the smart ecosystem and segmentation of smart home solutions in AME.
- Smart Home State of Play in AME: an overview of recent telcos smart home developments, portfolios, and proposition details in the region.
- New Approaches to Service Monetization: this section details and analyzes the new monetization approaches used by telcos in AME.
- Key findings and recommendations: the insider concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for telcos playing in the smart home market.


- Telecom operators in AME are just entering and expanding in the smart home space. The regional leaders are mainly located in the Middle East, and North and South Africa.
- A number of telcos tend to offer smart security services based on the sales of smart surveillance cameras enabling remote monitoring of the premises. More advanced options also include security sensors, door/window sensors as well as motion sensors and smoke detectors.
- The bundling approach is emerging in the region. A number of AME operators decided to offer bundled kits of devices, supported by a smart home application.
- Telcos are pursuing new monetization approaches to ramp up their revenues, for instance, bundling smart home solutions with telcos connectivity services.

Reasons to Buy

- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the smart home ecosystem as well as the categorization of smart home solutions in AME. It helps executives fully understand smart home market dynamics, determine the state of play of smart home services, formulate effective product development plans and optimize return on investments.
- The report examines four key new monetization approaches, providing insights around monetization approaches in the region. This will help telecom executives craft adapted smart home strategies to unlock new revenue streams.
- The report discusses concrete opportunities in the smart home market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for smart home market participants, including telecom service providers.


Executive Summary
Section 1: Introduction
Overview of the Smart Home Ecosystem
Type of Smart Home Solutions: Global Perspective
Section 2: Smart Home State of Play in AME
Recent Smart Home Developments
Operator Smart Home Portfolios
Telco Proposition Details
Section 3: New Approaches to Service Monetization
Bundling Smart Home Services
Bundling Smart Home and Connectivity Services
Smart AI Voice Assistants and Cloud Storage
Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations
Key Findings and Recommendations
Companies Mentioned
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