The Cloud-native 5G: preparing CSPs for the impact of Kubernetes (K8s)

The emerging Kubernetes (K8s) ecosystem is the cloud-native environment that will underpin 5G digital infrastructure, services and virtual network functions (VNFs). This report looks at the implications for communications service providers (CSPs) of adopting Kubernetes from digital infrastructure, application development and zero-touch operational automation perspectives.

 Communications service providers 5G success will depend on having a low-cost, fast-to-deploy and scalable digital infrastructure based on Kubernetes.


  • What are the drivers of CSPs’ adoption of K8s to support 5G?
  • What approach should CSPs take to using a container-as-a-service (CaaS) alongside, or instead of, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)?
  • What are the implications of K8s for application development and specifically for 5G cloud-native network function (CNF) deployment?
  • What organisational and skillset changes will be required as a result of the transition to K8s?
  • How does K8s affect CSPs’ application delivery and support relationships between CSPs and their vendors?

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