The Selecting a PaaS for CSPs 5G cloud-native development

CSPs’ 5G digital services and cloud-native network visions may be at risk if they do not take an efficient, platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-based approach to the production and operation of microservices. In this report, we examine why a PaaS is necessary and assess the challenges that CSPs face as they plan their strategy for PaaS adoption.

CSPs must decide whether to build or buy a PaaS depending on their needs and their software capabilities.


  • an explanation of the challenges that cloud-native software development presents to CSPs that are planning their strategies to become more software-capable in preparation for 5G
  • an assessment of the benefits of a PaaS to an operators organisation
  • a discussion about whether to build or buy a PaaS and the implications of self-build
  • an overview of the problems that CSPs may face when using a multi-vendor PaaS, and three approaches that they can take when they deploy cloud-native PaaS microservices
  • recommendations for implementing the proposed solutions.

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