China Tech - Thematic Research

China Tech - Thematic Research

This report looks at China as a theme within the global technology sector. It assesses the likelihood that China will meet the objectives laid out in the Made in China 2025 plan, and in President Xi Jinpings October 2017 update of that plan at the 19th National Communist Party Congress.
The backdrop for this report is the escalating trade and ideological war between China and the US, which is likely to result in the development of two increasingly autonomous global superpowers by 2040, each with its own internet, technology stack, captive markets and global supply chains. This will cause China to drive ever harder to become self-sufficient - even dominant - in the key technologies that will secure its sovereignty and power.

Key Highlights

In some key areas, such as artificial intelligence (AI), genomics, supercomputing, 5G, and batteries, China looks to be at parity with or even ahead of the West. In others, most critically semiconductors and industrial robots, there is considerable catching up to do. The former is a particular concern for Beijing. This will all have profound implications for global business and geopolitics.


- This report provides an overview of the China Tech market.
- It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the sector over the next 12 to 24 months.
- In includes a comprehensive industry analysis and outlining the key growth areas.
- The report also includes a timeline charting the development of the theme along with mergers and acquisitions in past five years.

Reasons to buy

- Will China dominate the next wave of high-tech industries? This report helps to identify the key trends and companies driving the high-tech industries in China.

Industry analysis
High performance computing
5G equipment
Industrial robots
Consumer robots
Consumer electronics
Electric vehicles
Autonomous driving
Shared mobility
Artificial intelligence
Cloud platforms
Internet platforms
Quantum computing
Sector scorecard

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