Development of Smartphone Fingerprint Recognition Technology

At MWC 2019, Samsung unveiled its flagship S10 smartphone which came with significant design changes, especially the adoption of Qualcomms ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint technology for the first time. This report outlines the mainstream fingerprint recognition technology and the fingerprint sensor market, and examines the development of major players, including Goodix, Egis, Qualcomm, Synaptics, and Fingerprint Cards; looks into the key trends in fingerprint recognition technology.

1.Worldwide Smartphone Fingerprint Sensor Market
2. Mainstream Fingerprint Recognition Technology
2.1 Goodix Leads in Optical Fingerprint Sensor with New Competition from Egis
2.2 Qualcomm Aims to Expand Market Size with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology
2.3 Capacitive Fingerprint Technology Targets Low-price Applications
3.Trends in Fingerprint Recognition Technology Development
3.1 Huge Opportunity for FoD in LCD-screen Smartphone Market
3.2 Recognition Area of Optical and Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors is to Increase
3.3 LCD Panel Makers Integrate Capacitive and FoD Technology Vertically
4. MIC Perspective
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1 Comparison of Fingerprint Recognition Technology
List of Figures
Figure 1 Worldwide Shipment Volume of Fingerprint Modules for Smartphones, 2018 - 2023
Figure 2 Worldwide Shipment Value of Fingerprint Modules for Smartphones, 2018 - 2023
Figure 3 Structure of Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor in Galaxy S10
Figure 4 Penetration Rate for Fingerprint Sensors in Smartphone Market, 2015 2019
Figure 5 Structure of Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor
Figure 6 Structure of JDI and BOE’s In-display Capacity Fingerprint Sensors

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