The Radio access networks and small cells: worldwide market shares 2018

This report provides market share data for mobile network operator (MNO) spending on telecoms-specific radio access network (RAN) products and product-related services for 2018. It provides revenue details for RAN, 5G RAN and small cells. The report also includes 'snapshots' of information about the leading vendors in the market.

MNOs in developed markets continued to invest in 4G networks in 2018 as the underlying capacity layer for 5G.


  • MNOs in developed markets continued to invest in 4G networks as the underlying capacity layer for 5G. MNOs in more-advanced markets (such as Finland, South Korea and the USA) launched 5G networks on a small scale.
  • The overall revenue from RAN products and product-related services grew by about 6.6% year-on-year in 2018, mainly due to RAN equipment revenue growth.
  • Spending on product-related services formed a large share of the total RAN revenue. Many operators spend on site design and optimisation, particularly during the initial stages of a new radio access technology roll-out, when the relevant skills do not exist in-house.

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