Report on the Chinese online gaming market 2019-2023

The term ‘online gaming’ in China refers to browser games, mobile games and client-based online games. The Chinese online gaming industry took off in 2005, with a large amount of games entering the industry since then. The Chinese online gaming industry entered a period of decline since 2013, and has gradually settled into a state of maturity. The Chinese online gaming market reached a size of CNY 208.57 billion.

The market for Chinese-developed online games reported a growth rate of 17.6% in 2018. The market has been on a slow decline for three years since 2016. The market for Chinese-developed online games reached a total size of CNY 164.4 billion.

The Chinese online gaming market is displaying signs of gradual segmentation. The largest gaming companies in the country have all begun to adopt a diversification strategy for their product portfolios. Tencent Games is involved in the client-based online gaming, mobile gaming and browser gaming markets. Netease is mainly involved in mobile gaming and browser gaming. Amongst high-profile public Chinese gaming companies, Perfect World Games is the company with the most diversified product portfolio.

The freemium model is slowly beginning to phase out other business models in the industry, which is one of the reasons why the industry has been able to remain consistent in the attraction of new users. The industry is expected to reach a total size of CNY 272 billion by the end of 2023.


1 Chinese gaming industry development analysis
1.1 Market developments
1.1.1 Development scale
1.1.2 Number of users
1.2 Gaming companies
1.2.1 Stock exchange locations for listed companies
1.2.2 Company locations for listed companies
1.2.3 Company locations for New OTC market-listed companies
1.3 Small-to-Mid sized gaming companies
1.3.1 Income analysis
1.3.2 Income projections

2 Chinese online gaming market size analysis
2.1 Industry size
2.2 Development analysis
2.2.1 Current developments
2.2.2 Chinese-developed games market
2.2.3 Problems in the industry
2.2.4 Cause of the problems
2.2.5 Development advice
2.3 Number of users

3 Chinese online gaming market structure analysis
3.1 Mobile gaming market
3.1.1 Development analysis
3.1.2 Market size
3.1.3 Userbase
3.2 Client-based online gaming market
3.2.1 Development analysis
3.2.2 Market size
3.2.3 Userbase
3.3 Browser gaming market analysis
3.3.1 Development analysis
3.3.2 Market size
3.3.3 Userbase

4 Online gaming market supply and demand analysis
4.1 Demand analysis
4.2 Supply analysis
4.3 Foreign trade analysis

5 Chinese online gaming market competitiveness analysis
5.1 Competitiveness analysis
5.1.1 Potential entrants
5.1.2 Competitors
5.1.3 Threat of substitutes
5.1.4 Supplier bargaining power
5.1.5 Buyer bargaining power
5.2 Main vendors’ competitiveness analysis
5.2.1 Main vendors competitiveness
5.2.2 Technical innovation
5.2.3 Product innovation
5.2.4 Business model innovation
5.3 Online gaming market competitive trends

6 Consumer behavior analysis
6.1 User characteristics
6.1.1 Gender distribution
6.1.2 Age distribution
6.1.3 Academic backgrounds
6.1.4 Professional backgrounds
6.1.5 Income distribution
6.2 Behavioral analysis
6.2.1 Age composition
6.2.2 Gaming scenarios
6.2.3 Graphical preferences
6.3 Online consumption
6.3.1 Consumption patterns
6.3.2 Payment methods
6.3.3 Average expenditure

7 Income analysis
7.1 General income levels
7.2 Industry concentration rate
7.3 Income analyses for different companies

8 Development factors
8.1 Beneficial factors
8.1.1 Expanding internet userbase
8.1.2 Rising number of payment methods
8.1.3 Technical and product innovations
8.1.4 Political support
8.2 Detrimental factors
8.2.1 Lack of innovation and originality
8.2.2 Lack of talent

9 Industry financing records
9.1 Foreign capital
9.2 Mergers and acquisitions
9.2.1 As a method for international expansion
9.2.2 As a method for increasing development capabilities
9.2.3 As a method for ease of maintenance

10 Investment strategies
10.1 Positioning strategies
10.1.1 Segmentation strategies
10.1.2 Pricing strategies
10.2 Sales strategies
10.2.1 Sales models
10.2.2 Sales methods
10.3 Online gaming service strategies
10.4 Marketing advice

11 Chinese online gaming companies
11.1 Tencent
11.1.1 Development overview
11.1.2 Main operations
11.1.3 Operational analysis
11.1.4 Competitive advantages
11.2 Netease
11.2.1 Development overview
11.2.2 Main operations
11.2.3 Operational analysis
11.2.4 Competitive advantages
11.3 Perfect World Games
11.3.1 Development overview
11.3.2 Main operations
11.3.3 Operational analysis
11.3.4 Competitive advantages
11.4 37 Interactive Entertainment
11.4.1 Development overview
11.4.2 Main operations
11.4.3 Operational analysis
11.4.4 Competitive advantages
11.5.1 Development overview
11.5.2 Main operations
11.5.3 Operational analysis
11.5.4 Competitive advantages

12 Chinese online gaming industry developments
12.1 Upstream influences
12.1.1 Internet industry developments Base resources IP addresses Domains Websites Bandwidth
12.1.2 Online investments
12.1.3 IT industry developments
12.1.4 Software industry developments
12.2 Downstream industry developments
12.2.1 Netizen information Netizen population Mobile netizen population
12.2.2 Internet applications Basic applications Business applications Online financing applications Online entertainment applications Public service applications
12.2.3 Smartphone applications Smartphone applications Smartphone shipments

13 Online gaming industry risks and trends analysis
13.1 Risks
13.1.1 Market risks
13.1.2 Technical risks
13.1.3 Political risks
13.1.4 Development risks
13.2 Investment risks and control strategies
13.2.1 Market risk control strategies
13.2.2 Political risk control strategies
13.2.3 Management risk control strategies
13.2.4 Development risk control

14 Online gaming industry entry barriers
14.1 Quality barriers
14.2 Capital barriers
14.3 Technical barriers
14.4 Brand barriers
14.5 Talent barriers

15 Chinese online gaming industry development trends analysis 2019-2023
15.1 International market prospects
15.2 Industry development trends
15.2.1 Indie development
15.2.2 Diversified development
15.2.3 Combinations with other entertainment forms
15.2.4 Mobile gaming development trends
15.2.5 E-Sports
15.3 Market projections
15.3.1 Market size
15.3.2 Demand projections


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