Report on the Chinese Artificial Intelligence Industry 2019-2023

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science that aims to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence and is considered a branch of computer science. One of the chief goals of AI research is to determine the true nature of intelligence and create a machine capable of simulating near-human levels of intelligence. AI includes voice recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert systems. AI today has evolved into the four main branches of machine learning, NLP, image processing and human computer interaction.

Some of the reasons behind the rise of AI include the invention of better sensors, cheaper computers and the large amounts of data. The need for improved computing capability is one of main internal reasons for AI development. Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have already indicated their interest in AI as a key area of development, with each company seeking to create their own AI ecosystems through M&A and open source projects. The Chinese AI industry is expected to receive a large boost through major developments in mobile networks and smart home appliances due to a stronger degree of integration. The Chinese AI market has been growing ever since 2015, and has been recorded at a scale of XX billion CNY, a XX% growth over the previous year.

Recent breakthroughs in AI have led to further industrialization and the formation of complete supply chains in certain segment markets. The industry still has its own share of problems however, which is why the Chinese government has chosen to create a comprehensive data to allow AI application across multiple fields. It has also taken steps to encourage AI studies in order to allow for a stronger labor force.

The Chinese AI industry as a whole began much later than other countries but has already entered its growth phase judging from industry distribution and technological research. The industry is expected to expand even further as tech and manufacturing giants continue to increase their operations in AI related businesses and fields. The high number of AI startups will eventually lead to an increase in industry grade and consumer grade AI products. The market is expected to reach a total of XX billion CNY by 2024.
Chapter 1 International AI industry developments
1.1 Development overview
1.1.1 The rise of AI
1.1.2 Factors behind the rise of AI
1.1.3 Global AI industry developments
1.1.4 Developed countries emphasis on AI
1.1.5 Tech leaders investing heavily into AI
1.1.6 A new stage of AI development is coming
1.2 US
1.2.1 AI as a national development strategy
1.2.2 AI applications in national defense
1.2.3 Quantum technology for AI development
1.3 Japan
1.3.1 Government promotion
1.3.2 Investment plans
1.3.3 AI development overview
1.4 AI industry developments worldwide
1.4.1 EU plans for robotics R&D
1.4.2 EU and US plans for brain development
1.4.3 Russias efforts for the promotion of robotic equipment
1.4.4 AI usage in the Brazil World Cup
1.5 MNCs in the AI industry
1.5.1 Internet companies
1.5.2 Facebooks AI hardware platform
1.5.3 Tesla AI research
1.5.4 Yahoo
1.5.5 Wikipedia

Chapter 2 Chinese AI industry political environment
2.1 Policy support
2.1.1 Strong political backing
2.1.2 AI inclusion in the 13th five-year plan
2.1.3 AI inclusion in government reports
2.1.4 AI as an important facet of national development strategies

Chapter 3 Chinese AI industry supply chain analysis
3.1 Supply chain introduction
3.1.1 Overview
3.1.2 Characteristics Basic aspects Technological aspects Application aspects
3.2 Basic aspects analysis
3.3 Technological aspects analysis
3.4 Application aspects analysis

Chapter 4 Chinese AI industry development analysis
4.1 Overview
4.1.1 AI technology is still underdeveloped
4.1.2 Faster deployment of AI in China
4.1.3 Creation of the Chinese AIE laboratory
4.1.4 Market scale
4.1.5 Patents
4.2 Ecological developments
4.2.1 Basic structure of AI ecosystem
4.2.2 Base resources
4.2.3 Technological realization methods
4.2.4 Application realization methods
4.2.5 Future prospects
4.3 AI R&D developments
4.3.1 Major breakthroughs
4.3.2 Voice recognition
4.3.3 Neural network recognition
4.3.4 AI induced changes in the media
4.4 Development hindrances
4.4.1 Main problems
4.4.2 Ethical issues
4.4.3 Technical limitations
4.5 Development strategies and advice
4.5.1 Development strategies
4.5.2 Advice

Chapter 5 Basic technological components of AI
5.1 NLP
5.1.1 Definition
5.1.2 Voice recognition analysis
5.1.3 R&D overview
5.2 Machine vision
5.2.1 Definition
5.2.2 Applications
5.2.3 Systems
5.2.4 Facial recognition applications
5.3 Mode recognition technology
5.3.1 Definition
5.3.2 Text recognition
5.3.3 Fingerprint recognition
5.3.4 Development potential
5.4 Other components
5.4.1 Deduction technology
5.4.2 Environmental recognition
5.4.3 Automatic planning
5.4.4 Expert systems

Chapter 6 Main applications of AI
6.1 Industry
6.1.1 Industrial applications
6.1.2 AI distribution
6.1.3 Manufacturing
6.1.4 Development prospects
6.2 Medicine and Healthcare
6.2.1 Current applications
6.2.2 Neural network technology applications
6.2.3 Video image diagnostics applications
6.2.4 AI prospects in diagnostics
6.2.5 Companies contributing to wider distribution of AI
6.3 Security
6.3.1 Current applications
6.3.2 Problems
6.3.3 Development trends
6.3.4 Development prospects
6.4 Autonomous vehicles
6.4.1 Benefits of autonomous vehicles
6.4.2 Major breakthroughs
6.4.3 Faster developments
6.4.4 AI implementation in autonomous vehicles
6.5 Other fields
6.5.1 Retail
6.5.2 Finance
6.5.3 Wearable devices
6.5.4 Smart home appliances

Chapter 7 Leading Chinese AI companies
7.1 Baidu
7.1.1 Overview
7.1.2 AI operations
7.1.3 Operational analysis
7.1.4 Development strategies
7.1.5 Latest developments
7.2 Tencent
7.2.1 Overview
7.2.2 AI operations
7.2.3 Operational analysis
7.2.4 Development strategies
7.2.5 Latest developments
7.3 Alibaba
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 AI operations
7.3.3 Operational analysis
7.3.4 Development strategies
7.3.5 Latest developments
7.4.1 Overview
7.4.2 AI operations
7.4.3 Operational analysis
7.4.4 Development strategies
7.4.5 Latest developments
7.5 Beijing Chattone
7.5.1 Overview
7.5.2 AI operations
7.5.3 Operational analysis
7.5.4 Competitive advantages
7.5.5 Latest developments

Chapter 8 AI industry investments 2019-2024
8.1 Investment overview
8.1.1 Global AI financing analysis
8.1.2 Chinese AI financing analysis
8.1.3 Accelerating financing methods
8.1.4 Investment value analysis
8.2 Industry investments
8.2.1 Kneron
8.2.2 4paradigm
8.2.3 Sensetime
8.3 Investment opportunities
8.3.1 AI as an entry into investment
8.3.2 AI industry to enter into a golden period of investment
8.3.3 More investment opportunities to come
Chapter 9 AI industry investment trends and prospects
9.1 Industry outlook
9.1.1 AI developments
9.1.2 A large market
9.1.3 A new stage of development
9.1.4 Opportunities and challenges
9.2 Development trend predictions
9.2.1 Development trends
9.2.2 Smart+X
9.2.3 Machine vision
9.2.4 AI to induce new changes
9.2.5 Market scale predictions

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