The Pay-TV and OTT video services in emerging Asia–Pacific: trends and forecasts 2018–2023

TV and video retail revenue will grow by USD20 billion in the emerging Asia–Pacific region between 2018 and 2023. This forecast report analyses the relative strength of IPTV and OTT video as they compete for a share of consumer spending in the region.


  • forecasts for the number of pay-TV households and services, premium OTT video users, their retail revenue (spend) and average spend per user (ASPU)
  • forecasts split by pay-TV platform: cable (analogue and digital), IPTV, pay DTT, satellite and operator OTT; operator OTT and third-party OTT are split by category of OTT video service – linear channels, linear events, TVoD (rental), TVoD (ownership) and SVoD
  • forecasts for seven individual countries and the EMAP region as a whole.


Emerging Asia–Pacific

China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

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6.Executive summary


7.TV and video retail revenue will increase by USD20 billion between 2018 and 2023


8.OTT video and IPTV will account for most of the future revenue growth, but satellite will continue to account for revenue growth in some places, mainly India


9.TV and video retail revenue in India and Indonesia will grow more rapidly than China


10.Regional trends


11.Geographical coverage: Traditional pay-TV penetration varies significantly by market; household penetration of premium operator OTT services is low


12.USD6.4 billion retail revenue growth for traditional pay-TV services will be dwarfed by USD13.5 billion growth in OTT video retail revenue


13.OTT video retail revenue will be dominated by SVoD; this is because many linear services are being bundled free of charge, rather than paid for separately


14.Customers will migrate away from cable and satellite and towards IPTV – new growth will also be primarily IP


15.Many consumers will take free OTT video services bundled with their mobile or fixed tariffs; the importance of linear/live content will increase


16.Country-level trends


17.China: The heavily-saturated traditional pay-TV market will migrate rapidly
towards IPTV


18.China: Massive OTT video user growth is slowly becoming subscription
revenue growth – ‘service stacking’ helps


19.India: Jio’s actions are likely to stimulate IPTV take-up following their
cable acquisitions


20.India: Free ‘trials’ that may never be charged for distort the market for OTT
video services


21.Indonesia: IPTV will drive future pay-TV subscriber growth but the number
of OTT video users will exceed traditional pay-TV subscribers in 2019


22.Indonesia: OTT services are shifting from SVoD to linear channels


23.Malaysia: The market is slow to evolve mainly because of the strength of


24.Malaysia: Free bundling of OTT video services is commonplace – to the
extent that even Netflix has adjusted its pricing


25.Forecast methodology and assumptions


26.Our spend forecasts focus on the direct flow of money between consumers and OTT video providers


27.How we classify OTT video services in this forecast


28.Further definitions


29.About the authors and Analysys Mason


30.About the authors


31.About Analysys Mason


32.Research from Analysys Mason


33.Consulting from Analysys Mason


List Of Figures

Figure 15: Number of users by service type, China, 2015–2023


Figure 16: Pay-TV connections and OTT video users by access technology, India, 2015–2023


Figure 17: Retail revenue by OTT video service type, and ASPU, India, 2015–2023


Figure 18: Number of users by service type, India, 2015–2023


Figure 19: Pay-TV connections and OTT video users by access technology, Indonesia, 2015–2023


Figure 20: Retail revenue by OTT video service type, and ASPU, Indonesia, 2015–2023


Figure 21: Number of users by service type, Indonesia,


Figure 22: Pay-TV connections and OTT video users by access technology, Malaysia, 2015–2023


Figure 23: Retail revenue by OTT video service type, and ASPU, Malaysia, 2015–2023


Figure 24: Number of users by service type, Malaysia, 2015–2023


Figure 25: Scope of our spend forecasts

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