Global PC System Industry Outlook for 2019 and Beyond

The China-US trade war remains the primary negative influence on the global PC market in 2019. Other than the US commercial PC market and emerging markets such as Southeast Asia that will bolster the global PC market demand, the demand in other regions is expected to be flat or decline in 2019. Despite so, the top three PC brands global share continue to increase further. This report provides an overview of the global and Taiwanese PC industry that includes the gaming market; examines the development of PC key component makers such as NVidia, AMD, and Intel; provides insights into the future emerging ICT trends in the industry, touching on smart speakers, sensors, edge computing, and ASIC (Application-specific Integrated Circuit).

Development of the WW PC System Market and TWN PC Industry
Gaming Trends in the PC System and ICT Industry
Major Trends of PC-Related Key Component
Emerging Trends of ICT Industry in 2019
List of Figures
Worldwide NB, DT, and Tablet Market Volume, 2017 - 2023
Desktop PC Market Share by Vendor, 2017-2018
Notebook PC Market Share by Vendor, 2017-2018
Taiwanese NB, DT, Tablet Shipment Volume, 2015 - 2019
Global Digital Gaming Market Value, 2015-2021
Digital Gaming Market Share by Country in 2018
Worldwide Gaming PC Market Value, 2015~2023
Steams Global Share by Country, December 2018

List Of Tables

Development of the global PC system market and Taiwan PC industry and includes global notebook PC, desktop PC, and tablet market volume forecast for the period 2019-2023
Gaming trends and includes global digital gaming market value forecast for the period 2019-2021 and global gaming PC market value forecast for the period 2019-2023
Chipmakers such as NVidia, AMD, and Intel in the development of PC-related key components such as gaming and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Anticipated emerging trends in the 2019 ICT industry: smart speake

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