Global Robot Software Market (2018-2023)

The global robot software market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2%, reaching USD 15.47 Bn by 2023. The rising adoption of commercial and industrial robots across multiple applications, particularly in automotive, healthcare, and the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors, is augmenting the growth of the robot software market.

Current state and opportunities in robotics based on segments:

Software type segment insights:

Inclinations towards efficient planning and preparation for unforeseen circumstances have given a boost to data and analytics software. The use of test simulation software has gained ground recently owing to the need to analyze unpredictable customer behavior and demands. The environmental detection software, on the other hand, allows suppliers to draw actionable insights and carry out targeted advertising by transforming uploaded images into data.

Industry segment insights:

Healthcare, manufacturing and financial services together will be securing a significant share of the robot software market share. The transportation sector will experience a higher growth rate during the forecast period of 2018-2023. Many emerging economies are employing robotics, drones and intensive hacking systems for defense purposes, which, in turn, is creating lucrative opportunities for robot software in this domain.

Regional insights:

North America is the leading innovator in robot software and occupies a major share of the global market. Asia-Pacific will witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period. However, in both the Latin America and the Middle East and Africa markets, the lack of suitable infrastructure will deter the development of robot software in the respective regions.

Companies covered:

1. ABB
2. Brain Corp
3. CloudMinds
4. Energid Technologies
5. Furhat Robotics AB
7. IBM
8. Liquid Robotics
9. Neurala, Inc.
10. Nvidia Corporation
11. Oxbotica
12. UiPath

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Chapter 1. Executive summary

1.1. Market scope and segmentation
1.2. Key questions answered
1.3. Executive summary

Chapter 2: Global robot software market overview

2.1. Global market overview - historical (20152017) and forecasted (20182023) market size (USD Bn), and market attractiveness analysis
2.2. Market drivers
2.3. Market challenges
2.4. Market trends
2.5. Key developments and major innovations
2.6. Market segmentation based on software type (environmental detection, test simulation, intelligent monitoring and prevention, data and analytics, and communication) qualitative market observations
2.7. Market segmentation based on industry (financial services, retail, government sector, healthcare and life science, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics) qualitative market observations

Chapter 3: North America robot software market overview

3.1. North America market overview - historical (20152017) and forecasted (20182023) market size (USD Bn), and market attractiveness analysis
3.2. Market drivers
3.3. Market challenges
3.4. Market trends

Chapter 4: Europe robot software market overview

4.1. Europe market overview - historical (20152017) and forecasted (20182023) market size (USD Bn), and market attractiveness analysis
4.2. Market drivers
4.3. Market challenges
4.4. Market trends

Chapter 5: Asia-Pacific robot software market overview

5.1. Asia-Pacific market overview - historical (20152017) and forecasted (20182023) market size (USD Bn), and market attractiveness analysis
5.2. Market drivers
5.3. Market challenges
5.4. Market trends

Chapter 6: Competitive landscape

6.1. ABB
6.1.a. Company snapshot
6.1.b. Product offerings
6.1.c. Growth strategies
6.1.d. Initiatives
6.1.e. Geographical presence
6.1.f. Key numbers
6.2. Brain Corp
6.2.a. Company snapshot
6.2.b. Product offerings
6.2.c. Growth strategies
6.2.d. Initiatives
6.2.e. Geographical presence
6.2.f. Key numbers
6.3. CloudMinds
6.6.a. Company snapshot
6.3.b. Product offerings
6.3.c. Growth strategies
6.3.d. Initiatives
6.3.e. Geographical presence
6.3.f. Key numbers
6.4. Energid Technologies
6.4.a. Company snapshot
6.4.b. Product offerings
6.4.c. Growth strategies
6.4.d. Initiatives
6.4.e. Geographical presence
6.4.f. Key numbers
6.5. Furhat Robotics AB
6.5.a. Company snapshot
6.5.b. Product offerings
6.5.c. Growth strategies
6.5.d. Initiatives
6.5.e. Geographical presence
6.5.f. Key numbers
6.6.a. Company snapshot
6.6.b. Product offerings
6.6.c. Growth strategies
6.6.d. Initiatives
6.6.e. Geographical presence
6.6.f. Key numbers
6.7. IBM
6.7.a. Company snapshot
6.7.b. Product offerings
6.7.c. Growth strategies
6.7.d. Initiatives
6.7.e. Geographical presence
6.7.f. Key numbers
6.8. Liquid Robotics
6.8.a. Company snapshot
6.8.b. Product offerings
6.8.c. Growth strategies
6.8.d. Initiatives
6.8.e. Geographical presence
6.8.f. Key numbers
6.9. Neurala, Inc.
6.9.a. Company snapshot
6.9.b. Product offerings
6.9.c. Growth strategies
6.9.d. Initiatives
6.9.e. Geographical presence
6.9.f. Key numbers
6.10. Nvidia Corporation
6.10.a. Company snapshot
6.10.b. Product offerings
6.10.c. Growth strategies
6.10.d. Initiatives
6.10.e. Geographical presence
6.10.f. Key numbers
6.11. Oxbotica
6.11.a. Company snapshot
6.11.b. Product offerings
6.11.c. Growth strategies
6.11.d. Initiatives
6.11.e. Geographical presence
6.11.f. Key numbers
6.12. UiPath
6.12.a. Company snapshot
6.12.b. Product offerings
6.12.c. Growth strategies
6.12.d. Initiatives
6.12.e. Geographical presence
6.12.f. Key numbers

Chapter 7: Conclusion
7.1. Future Outlook

1. List of tables
2. Research methodology
3. Assumptions
4. About Netscribes, Inc.

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