Recap And Outlook For The Worldwide Wafer Foundry Industry In 2017

In 2016, the worldwide wafer foundry industry continued to witness a steady growth, thanks to the pickup in the demand for IT devices and the rising importance of emerging applications in the automotive electronics, IoT (Internet of Things), and 5G areas that triggered the demand for various sorts of ICs. Bolstered mainly by the rollout of flagship smartphones and the replacement demand for notebook PCs, shipment volume of the industry is forecast to reach USD 58.8 billion in 2017, up 6.3% year-on-year. On top of that, advanced processes share in the industry continues on the rise. This report reviews the industrys development in 2016 and provides future outlook for 2017 and beyond. Also included are development highlights of major players: TSMC, GlobalFoundries, UMC, Samsung, and SMIC.

1. Overview of the Worldwide and Taiwanese Wafer Foundry Industries
1.1 Worldwide Wafer Foundry Industry Growing at a Steady Pace in 2017
1.2 Taiwanese Wafer Foundry Industry Still Outperforms the Global in 2016
1.3 Taiwanese Foundries Lead in Market Share
2. Development Trends of the Worldwide Wafer Foundry Industry
2.1 Chinese Foundries Have Aggressive Capex Increase Plans
2.2 Major Foundries Seeking to Get a Head Start in Advanced Processes
2.3 Rising Importance of the Chinese Foundry Market to Lure More Foreign Investments
2.4 Chinas Share in Advanced Processes Remains Low
3. Development of Leading Vendors
3.1 TSMC
3.2 GlobalFoundries
3.3 UMC
3.4 Samsung
3.5 SMIC
4. Conclusion
4.1 Diversification of Processes Aims to Tap Different Needs
4.2 Surplus Capacity Concerns to Occur
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies
List of Tables
Table 1: Major Foundries Ranking by Shipment Value, 2014-2016
Table 2: Major Foundries 12-inch Fab Deployment in China
Table 3 TSMC’s Key R&D Plans
List of Figures
Figure 1: Worldwide Wafer Foundry Industry Shipment Value, 2015 2017
Figure 2: Taiwanese Wafer Foundry Industry Shipment Value, 2015 2017
Figure 3: Taiwanese Wafer Foundry Industry Shipment Value Share by Process Technology, 4Q 2014 1Q 2017
Figure 4: Comparison of Major Foundries Capex, 2015-2017
Figure 5: Road Map of Major Foundries Advanced Process Mass Production Roadmap
Figure 6: Comparison of Major Taiwanese and Chinese Foundries Advanced Processes
Figure 7 Mass Production Schedules of GlobalFoundries’ 7nm Processes

List Of Tables

Development of the worldwide and Taiwanese wafer foundry industries, touching on their status of quo and shipment value for the period 2015-2017
Development of the worldwide wafer foundry industry and includes Chinese foundries advanced process development and 12-inch fab deployment of major foundries in China: GlobalFoundries, Huali Microelectronics, PowerChip, TSMC, SMIC, and UMC
Development of major players includes TSMC, GlobalFoundries, UMC, Samsung, and SMIC

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