Dynamics of the Worldwide DRAM Industry and Market

The global DRAM demand has weakened as the worldwide PC sales tumbled and the growth of the smartphone market slows down. Meanwhile, overall DRAM industry is facing an oversupply since leading DRAM suppliers are aggressively upgrading their technology with 20nm production process. This report provides an in-depth analysis of global DRAM development in terms of process technology, market updates and industry status, along with a competitive analysis of worldwide semiconductor industry.

 1. Development of Global DRAM Process Technology
 1.1 20nm Process Becomes the Mainstream
 1.2 1xnm Process Ready for Mass Production
 2. Worldwide DRAM Market Updates
 2.1 Mobile DRAM Tops 40% of the Overall DRAM Demand
 2.2 Smartphone as the Major Driver in DRAM Market
 3. Development of the Global DRAM Industry
 3.1 DRAM Prices Decline on Oversupply; Shipment Value to Slide Sequentially
 3.2 Top Three Vendors Enjoy Economies of Scale; Taiwanese Vendors Focus on Niche Market
 3.3 Technology Enhancement and Product Diversity Key to Business Development
 4. Key Issues for the Global DRAM Industry
 4.1 China Seeks Global Partners for DRAM Technological Self-sufficiency
 Glossary of Terms
 List of Companies

List Of Figures

 Figure 1: Timeline of Global DRAM Suppliers Volume Production by Process Technology
 Figure 2: Share of Worldwide DRAM Demand by Category, 1H 2015 – 2H 2016
 Figure 3: Share of Worldwide DRAM Demand in 3C Products by Category, 1H 2015 – 2H2016
 Figure 4: Development of Global Major DRAM Vendors
 Figure 5: Chinas DRAM Production Capacity Plans

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