Development of the China IC Packaging and Testing Industry and Key Players

According to statistics from the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), the sales revenue of Chinas semiconductor industry in 2022 amounted to 1.2 trillion RMB (US$171.4 billion; US$=7 RMB). Among them, the proportions of IC design industry, IC manufacturing industry, and IC packaging and testing industry in the total sales revenue were 43%, 32%, and 25%, respectively. The IC packaging and testing industry was one of the early semiconductor sub-industries to be developed in China. Before 2016, Chinas IC packaging and testing industry consistently held a leading position in the semiconductor industry. However, due to the rapid expansion of the IC design and wafer foundry industries, the proportion of the IC packaging and testing industry in Chinas semiconductor industry revenue has decreased. This report provides an overview of the development of the IC packaging and testing industry in China, focusing on aspects such as market size, changes in industry structure, and the dynamics of major players.

Companies Mentioned

Ardentec Technology
ASE Group
ASEN Semiconductors
China Wafer Level
Chipmore Technology
FlipChip International
Forehope Electronic
General Motors
Hana Microelectronics
Hua Hong Semiconductor
Huatian Technology
Kore Semiconductor
Lingsen Precision
Payton Technology
Powertech Technology
Sigurd Microelectronics
SJ Semiconductor
SK Hynix
Texas Instruments
Tongfu Electronics
Unimos Microelectronics
Unitech Holdings
Walton Advanced Engineering
Wise Road Capital

1.Development of China IC Packaging and Testing Industry
1.1 Market Size and Recent Changes in Chinas IC Packaging and Testing Industry
1.2 Regional Distribution of IC Packaging and Testing Industry Players in China
2.Development of major IC Packaging and Testing Players in China
2.1 Ranking of the Top-10 Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Companies
2.2 Recent Performance of the Top-3 Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Companies
2.2.1 JCET
2.2.2 Tongfu Microelectronics
2.2.3 Huatian Technology
3.Outlook for the Industry
3.1 Effects of National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund
3.2 Impact of US-China Conflict and Decoupling from China
3.3 China Shifting Focus to Automotive Semiconductors Following Obstacles in Advanced Process Technology

List Of Tables

Table 1 Ranking of the Top-10 Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Companies in 2022

List Of Figures

Figure 1 Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Shipment Value, 2018-2022


Figure 2 Regional Distribution of IC Packaging and Testing Brands in China


Figure 3 Financial Information of JCET, 2018-2022


Figure 4 Revenue of JCET by Product Application, 2021-2022


Figure 5 Financial Information of Tongfu Microelectronics, 2018-2022


Figure 6 Financial Information of Huatian Technology, 2018-2022

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