TSMCs Japan Expansion and Japanese Semiconductor Vendors Deployment Strategies (pre-order).

After TSMC, the world’s largest fab foundry, announced the establishment of a US$12 billion factory in the United States in 2020, the company recently said it will set up a new fab, called JASM (Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing) with Sony in Kumamoto, Japan. Pursuant to the agreement, Sony will invest US$500 million to seize a stake of less than 20% in JASM while TSMC will spend US$2.12 billion and the Japanese government will provide financial support through 400 billion Yen (US$3.5 billion; US$1 = 114.1 Yen) subsidies. This report looks into Japanese semiconductor vendors’ deployment plans such as Sony, Renesas, and Denso and analyzes TSMC’s motive to set up a new fab in Japan from the perspective of cooperation between wafer foundries and their customers.
Table of Contents
1.Ranking of Japanese Semiconductor Companies by Revenue
2.CMOS Image Sensor Leader Sony Shifts to A Fab-Lite Model
3.Automotive MCU Leader Renesas Sticks to Fab-Lite
4. Denso Expands to Autonomous Driving with a Fabless Business Model
4.1 Autonomous Driving Prompts Changes in Japan’s Automotive Supply Chain
4.2 Toyota/Denso Develop Next-gen Automotive Semiconductors with a Fabless Business Model
5. MIC Perspective
5.1 AI and Autonomous Driving Urges Japanese Semiconductor Companies to Transition to Fab-lite/Fabless Business Models
5.2 Win-win Cooperation between Japanese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industries
List of Companies

List Of Tables

Table 1 Japanese Semiconductor Companies’ Revenues and Chip Offerings in 2020 

Table 2. Japanese Semiconductor Companies’ Transformation Driven by AI and Autonomous Driving 

List Of Figures

Figure 1. Sony’s CMOS Image Sensor Deployment Strategy 

Figure 2. Renesas’ Automotive MCU Deployment Strategy 

Figure 3. C.A.S.E and Autonomous Driving Prompt Japanese Companies to Adjust Automotive Supply Chain 

Figure 4. Denso Develops Next-Gen Automotive Semiconductors with a Fabless Model 


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