Development of Leading IC Brands in Smart Vehicle Applications (pre-order)

Due to growing maturity of IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and active safety technology such as advanced driver assistance systems, several leading IC brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Given the unique characteristics of the supply chain and strict requirements for safety and reliability in the automotive industry, most of these IC brands have chosen to work with leading carmakers to reduce entry barriers. Developing their own technology and ecosystems has thus become an important strategy for both parties. This report analyzes product development and strategies of leading brands, including Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and MediaTek, in the smart vehicle market.

1. Current Status of Smart Vehicles
2. Intel in Smart Vehicle Applications
2.1 Mobileye EyeQ Chips
2.2 Cooperation with Transportation Operators
2.3 Increased Focus on Image Sensing
2.4 Expansion into MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) Market
3. Nvidia in Smart Vehicle Applications
3.1 Chips and Platforms for Self-driving Cars
3.2 Cooperation with Carmakers
4. Qualcomm in Smart Vehicle Applications
4.1 C-V2X Chips
4.2 Snapdragon Ride Platform
5 MediaTek in Smart Vehicle Applications
5.1 Telematics System
5.2 Smart Cockpit System
5.3 Vison-based ADAS
5.4 Automotive mmWave Radar
6. Conclusion
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List Of Tables

<p>Table 1 Evolution of EyeQ Chips<br />
Table 2 Nvidia&rsquo;s Platforms for Self-driving Vehicles&nbsp;<br />
Table 3 MediaTek&rsquo;s Products for Smart Vehicles&nbsp;</p>

List Of Figures

<p>Figure 1 Self-driving Car Services Co-developed by Mobileye and Moovit&nbsp;<br />
Figure 2 The Nvidia DRIVE Ecosystem&nbsp;<br />
Figure 3 Support Enabled by the Snapdragon Ride Platform</p>

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