Report on the Chinese semiconductor sealants market 2019-2023

The semiconductor seal material market is a supporting industry of the semiconductor market and the seal material testing market. Classic examples of seal materials include machine substrates, lead frames, plastic seals, underfill materials, bonding wire, liquid bonding substances, solder balls, chip glue and more. These materials are used to protect microchips and increase heat transfer capability as well as connect chips to external circuits.

The development history of seal materials indicates that seal materials are play an important part of innovation in seal technology, with the former dictating the pace of technological innovation of the latter. Seal material trends are mostly converging towards miniaturization due to the demand for such in downstream products. Japanese and American companies serve as a guiding force in the global seal material market, while Chinese companies almost exclusively rely on imports for high quality products

The surge in demand for semiconductor products has also led to a surge of demand for semiconductor seal materials to a point where supplies are currently unable to meet demands. This has caused seal material companies to use innovation and expanded production to as an answer to meet rising demands and join the global seal material market. The Chinese seal material market reached a total of XX billion CNY in scale. Innovative practices, tighter quality control and larger production lines are slowly giving Chinese companies a competitive edge in the Chinese market.

Increased production capacity, increased technology, higher demands and political support is expected to become prime driving forces for the growth of the market, which is expected to reach a scale of XX billion CNY by 2023.
Chapter 1 Semiconductor seal material industry description
1.1 Semiconductor seal material industry description
1.1.1 Semiconductor seal description
1.1.2 Semiconductor seal material description
1.1.3 Semiconductor seal material uses
1.2 Semiconductor seal material industry business model analysis
1.2.1 Production mode
1.2.2 Purchasing mode

Chapter 2 2018 Semiconductor seal material industry development analysis
2.1 2018 Chinese economic developments analysis
2.1.1 Chinese GDP growth analysis
2.1.2 Industry economy developments
2.1.3 Social fixed investment analysis
2.1.4 Social retail figures
2.1.5 Urban income growth analysis
2.1.6 Citizen consumption rates analysis
2.1.7 Foreign trade developments analysis
2.2 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry policies analysis
2.2.1 Governing body
2.2.2 Industry policies analysis
2.3 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry social environment analysis
2.3.1 Semiconductor industry development analysis
2.3.2 Semiconductor industry transfer
2.3.3 IT industry development analysis
2.4 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry technological environment analysis
2.4.1 Semiconductor seal technology developments
2.4.2 Semiconductor seal material developments

Chapter 3 Chinese semiconductor seal material market supply and demand analysis
3.1 Semiconductor seal material market supply analysis
3.1.1 Domestic semiconductor seal material manufacturers
3.1.2 International semiconductor seal material manufacturers
3.2 Chinese semiconductor seal material market demand analysis
3.2.1 2014-2028 Chinese semiconductor seal material market size
3.2.2 2019-2023 Chinese semiconductor seal material market price analysis
3.3 2018 Chinese semiconductor seal material market price analysis

Chapter 4 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry supply chain analysis
4.1 Semiconductor seal material industry supply chain description
4.2 semiconductor seal material upstream industry developments
4.2.1 Upstream material production analysis Copper cathode production figures Epoxy resin production
4.2.2 Upstream material pricing trends Copper cathode pricing analysis Epoxy resin pricing analysis
4.3 Semiconductor seal material downstream application demand market analysis
4.3.1 Semiconductor seal industry development analysis
4.3.2 Semiconductor seal industry production analysis
4.3.3 Semiconductor seal industry demand analysis
4.3.4 Semiconductor seal industry demand projection analysis

Chapter 5 2014-2018 Chinese semiconductor seal material import and export analysis
5.1 2014-2018 Plastic encapsulated resin import and export analysis
5.1.1 Plastic encapsulated resin import analysis Plastic encapsulated resin import figures Plastic encapsulated resin import finances Plastic encapsulated resin import sources Plastic encapsulated resin import average prices
5.1.2 Plastic encapsulated resin export analysis Plastic encapsulated resin export figures Plastic encapsulated resin export finances Plastic encapsulated resin export recipients Plastic encapsulated resin export average pricing
5.2 Bonding wire import and export analysis
5.2.1 Bonding wire import analysis Bonding wire import figures Bonding wire import finances Bonding wire import sources Bonding wire import average prices
5.2.2 Bonding wire export analysis Bonding wire export figures Bonding wire export finances Bonding wire export recipients Bonding wire export average pricing

Chapter 6 Domestic semiconductor seal material companies competitiveness analysis
6.1 Shenzhen FastPrint
6.1.1 Development overview
6.1.2 Main products
6.1.3 Operational overview
6.1.4 Sales network distribution
6.1.5 Development history
6.1.6 Development goals
6.2 Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics
6.2.1 Development overview
6.2.2 Main products
6.2.3 Operation overview
6.2.4 Sales network distribution
6.2.5 Competitive advantages
6.2.6 Development strategies
6.3 Ningbo Hualong Electronics
6.3.1 Development overview
6.3.2 Main products
6.3.3 Operational overview
6.3.4 Production capability
6.3.5 Competitive advantages
6.3.6 Development strategies
6.4 Sichuan Jinwan Electronics
6.4.1 Development overview
6.4.2 Main products
6.4.3 Operational overview
6.4.4 Competitive advantages
6.5 Mitsui Hi-tech (Shanghai)
6.5.1 Development overview
6.5.2 Main products
6.5.3 Operational overview
6.6 Yonghong Technologies
6.6.1 Development overview
6.6.2 Main products
6.6.3 Operational overview
6.6.4 Competitive advantages
6.6.5 Development strategies
6.7 Shunde Industry Co. (Jiangsu)
6.7.1 Development overview
6.7.2 Main products
6.7.3 Operational overview
6.7.4 Competitive advantages
6.8 Youke Electronics Materials Co.
6.8.1 Development overview
6.8.2 Main products
6.8.3 Operational overview
6.8.4 Competitive advantage

Chapter 7 2019-2023 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry development trends and prospects
7.1 2019-2023 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry investment prospects analysis
7.1.1 Semiconductor seal material industry development prospects
7.1.2 Semiconductor seal material development trends analysis
7.2 2019-2023 Chinese semiconductor seal material industry investment risks analysis
7.2.1 Macroeconomic risks
7.2.2 Industry cycle risks
7.2.3 Raw materials risks
7.2.4 Competition risks
7.2.5 Technical risk analysis
7.3 2019-2023 Semiconductor seal material industry investment suggestions and strategies

Chapter 8 Semiconductor seal material companies investment strategies and meaning
8.1 Semiconductor seal material company development strategy demands
8.1.1 Demand for company transfer
8.1.2 Demand for stronger company performance
8.1.3 Demand for sustainable development
8.2 Semiconductor seal material company strategy planning references
8.2.1 National policies
8.2.2 Industry development rules
8.2.3 Company resources and capabilities
8.2.4 Foreseeable strategic positioning
8.3 Semiconductor seal material company strategic planning analysis
8.3.1 General strategic planning
8.3.2 R&D
8.3.3 Regional strategic planning
8.3.4 Industry strategy planning
8.3.5 Brand marketing strategy
8.3.6 Competitive strategy planning
8.4 Semiconductor seal material company client management strategies and implementation
8.4.1 The need for core client strategies
8.4.2 Identifying and affirming core clients
8.4.3 Developing and nurturing core clients
8.4.4 Marketing strategies for core clients

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