Key Influencers in RetailTech (H1 2018)

Key Influencers in RetailTech (H1 2018)


The conventional retail industry is undergoing a technological revolution. Use of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data, augmented reality (AR), and robotics-driven automation are the future face of retail. Retailers are racing to keep up with the fast pace of change as technology is now crucial to drive sales, profitability, customer insight and indeed survival in the modern retail world. Social media is the channel where ideas and news are shared globally and knowing what topics are trending among the major retail technology influencers is hugely valuable to retailers. This series of reports (published half yearly) keeps retailers, and all those with a business interest in retail, up to speed on retail technology and applications that will impact their businesses and clients.

The report details major trends in retail technology based on most interesting disucssions by key influencers in the domain of retail technologies. The major sections of the report include top 100 influencers with profiles on top 10; emerging trends and most discussed topics of discussion among these influencers.


This report provides a comprehensive coverage on top influencers and topics of the RetailTech sector. The report details major trends in the retail technology and the key influencers discussing these trends. The major sections of the report include -
- Top 100 Influencers: It includes Influencer name, image, score, twitter handle and area of expertise
- Profiles of Top 10 Influencers: It offers an in-depth coverage on the Influencer’s interests, key area of influence and contributions. It also provides insight on Influencer word cloud, tweet/retweets count, favorite tweet counts, numbers of followers and following on twitter and few interesting tweets
- What are Influencers Saying: Overall word cloud of all the influencers
- Mega Trends derived from Social Media: In depth analysis of major trends on the Influencer platform which are prominently tweeted and discussed extensively by the influencer network. These trends include interesting initiatives and events driving the discussed trend along with their tweets
- Other Trends derived from Social Media: Description regarding other significant trends which find frequent mentions in the Influencer network with their associated tweets.

Reasons to buy

- Influencer report identifies the top 100 digital influencers/opinion leaders and top trends which are shaping the RetailTech sector. The benefits of the reports include:
- -The report enables users to identify the players who are driving key opinions which help shape industry development
- -The report provides an analysis on the most pressing topics of discussions from a vast a mass of discussions and conversations
- -Fine tune product positioning by accounting for the “must know” topics affecting the future of service design, innovation and marketing
- -Uncovering new topics to stay ahead of emerging trends in the Retail industry
- -Enhance planning by aligning strategy to the major transformation trends, issues and technologies driving change.

RetailTech Overview
Top 100 Influencers in RetailTech
Profiles of Top 10 Influencers
What are Influencers Saying - Key Trends
RetailTech Mega Trends H1 2018
Online Retail
Electronic Retailing
Other RetailTech Trends H1 2018
Artificial Intelligence
Industry 4.0
Big Data
Augmented Reality
Influencer Proposition
Influencer Methodology
Methodology for Identifying Top 100 Influencers
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