Nordstrom Inc - Post Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company impact

Nordstrom Inc - Post Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company impact

Prolonged lockdown requiring store closures at major urban centers has resulted in significant revenue and inventory losses for the retail group.

With phased store openings started in May 2020, Nordstrom expects H2 2020 to be relatively better, despite weak consumer sentiment and the need to handle safety in stores carefully.

The post coronavirus (COVID-19) company impact report analyses the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Nordstrom Inc & its future prospects.


- The group’s revenue is expected to come down by 16.1% to USD14.1 bn in 2020, against its anticipated pre COVID-19 sales of USD17.1 bn.
- Nordstrom is set for an improved digital commerce offering in 2021.
- As a part of its digitization strategy, Nordstrom has bridged the gap between its online and in store shopping experiences by establishing Nordstrom Local stores

Reasons to Buy

- Use our revised 2020 forecast for Nordstrom Inc to understand how it will perform this year.
- Use our charts to review how Nordstrom Incs sales are split by region globally and how these regions have been impacted by COVID-19.
- Use our in-depth analysis to review how Nordstrom Inc has responded to COVID-19 and how this will affect its performance.

Executive Summary
Nordstrom Incs exposure to COVID-19
Nordstrom Incs operational responses to COVID-19
Key findings
Key conclusions
Geographic spread analysis - COVID 19 vs Nordstrom Inc Group Sales
Global & regional impact
Impact score for Nordstrom Inc versus competitors
Financials for Nordstrom Inc versus competitors
Revised 2020 revenue forecast
Nordstrom Inc’s exposure
Indications from Stock Price and Influencers
Company reaction
Indications from recruitment trends
Customer and staff safety

List Of Figures

Spread of COVID-19- confirmed cases, number in treatment, recoveries and deaths.
Countries/ regions affected by COVID-19
Spread of Nordstrom Inc group sales in 2019
COVID-19 global impact score for Nordstrom Inc versus competitors
Nordstrom Inc global revenue and year on year growth 2015-2020
Nordstrom Inc exposure: by region vs regional impact levels

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