Carrefour SA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company impact

Carrefour SA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company impact

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) company impact report analyses how the pandemic will impact Carrefours performance.

Carrefour SA is better placed than many specialist retailers to cope with the effects of COVID-19, due to the fact that almost all of its physical stores remain operational during lockdown
Stockpiling and bulk buying - fueling volume growth and average transaction values across both physical and online channels.


- Group sales are now forecast to rise 3.0% in 2020, versus a flat performance in 2019 and our original 2020 forecast of 1.1% - highlighting how the crisis has provided a critical boost to its performance after two years of tougher trading.
- Carrefour’s extensive online presence in countries it operates in has proven essential during the crisis. It registered significant growth in the number of daily orders and new subscribers to its online platforms in several markets
- We expect its hypermarket formats to see a continued reduction in footfall over Q2 as consumers shop closer to home and non-food areas in some stores are closed off, putting pressure on its smaller supermarket formats and online channel to serve customers.

Reasons to Buy

- Use our revised 2020 forecast for Carrefour to understand how it will perform this year.
- Use our charts to review how Carrefours sales are split by region globally and how these regions have been impacted by COVID-19.
- Use our in-depth analysis to review how Carrefour has responded to COVID-19 and how this will affect its performance.

Executive Summary
Carrefours exposure to COVID-19
Carrefours operational responses to COVID-19
Key findings
Key conclusions
Geographic spread analysis - COVID 19 vs Carrefour Group Sales
Global & regional impact
COVID-19 global impact score for Carrefour versus competitors
Revised 2020 revenue forecast
Carrefour exposure: brand sales by region vs regional impact levels
Company reaction
New Services
Safety Measures

List Of Figures

Spread of COVID-19- confirmed cases, number in treatment, recoveries and deaths.
Countries/ regions affected by COVID-19
Spread of Carrefour SA group sales and stores in 2019
COVID-19 global impact score for Carrefour SA versus competitors
Carrefour SA global revenue and year on year growth 2015-2020
Carrefour SA exposure: brand sales by region vs regional impact levels

Carrefour SA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company impact

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