Product opportunities during COVID-19

Product opportunities during COVID-19

This report looks at the product opportunities that retailers should be focusing on during the coronavirus pandemic, for instance sporting equipment, home office equipment and arts and crafts.

The report also highlights some of the product categories that will struggle during the coronavirus outbreak due to the vast number of consumers staying at home around the world.


- As consumers spend most of their time indoors due to lockdowns or advice to stay at home, demand for home products has increased, especially for home office equipment as people get set up to work from home for the foreseeable future.
- With consumers spending the majority of their time in their homes, they will want something away from digital screens to fill their time with, creating significant sales opportunities for hobbies and crafts.
- Despite the opportunity for fashion retailers to drive sales of loungewear, sportswear and other comfortable clothing, clothing & footwear will be the sector that is hit the hardest by the impact of COVID-19 as buying new clothes and footwear is far from a top priority for consumers.

Reasons to Buy

- Use our in-depth analysis to identify the product categories that will be most resilient during the coronavirus outbreak, allowing you target promotional activity towards these products.
- Use our research to gain insight into how different retailers have promoted better-performing product categories to inform your marketing decisions to increase sales.


Summary of product opportunities during COVID-19
Home sectors provide a significant opportunity as consumers spend more time indoors
Consumers have more free time for hobbies and crafts
Despite opportunities in loungewear, clothing & footwear will suffer significantly
Product opportunities
Product opportunity: Books
Product opportunity: Sporting equipment
Product opportunity: DIY materials
Product opportunity: Gardening
Product opportunity: Cooking and baking
Product opportunity: Arts and crafts
Product opportunity: Home office equipment
Product opportunity: Toys and games
Product opportunity: Loungewear and pyjamas
Product opportunity: Large electricals
Product opportunity: Home beauty treatments
Product opportunity: Comfortable furniture
Product opportunity: Homewares
At risk product categories: Premium
At risk product categories: Outdoor
Methodology and contact


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