Frictionless shopping in retail - Thematic Research

Frictionless shopping in retail - Thematic Research


Over the last decade, consumer expectations of retailer’s ability to facilitate a quick, intuitive shopping journey have developed. The rapid growth of the online retail market has been largely driven by its ability to circumnavigate large swathes of the typical shopping experience, enabling shoppers to browse and purchase on-the-go or from the comfort of their own home. The “increasingly busy” lifestyle with which consumers often describe themselves as having, ridding as many hurdles in the shopping journey - or creating a “frictionless” experience - is becoming a vital point of differentiation for retailers worldwide. Frictionless shopping is therefore an unavoidable theme for retailers across all channels and countries. This report breaks down the seven fundamental topics within the theme, retail’s leaders and laggards in the sector, and provides an overview of relevant macroeconomic, technological and retail trends that retailers must be aware about to compete more thoroughly over the course of the next decade.


- It breaks the frictionless shopping experience down to shopper journey type, by purchase frequency and channel, to describe how the seven major topics (ease of access, fulfilment, multichannel alignment, payment options, personalisation, positive friction security) impact consumers in a variety of scenarios.
- We investigate how the dominant technological, macroeconomical and retail trends are effecting frictionless shopping, and how they will go on to do so over the course of the next decade. The report goes on to profile international retailers with a significant focus on frictionless shopping, as well as provides analysis on relevant mergers, acquisitions and disruptors in the retail market.

Reasons to buy

- Break down the complexity of frictionless shopping into relevant topics for your speicific business, so you can create a more dynamic and effective strategy to keep customers.
- Understand the history of fricitonless shopping and how it continues to develop today, allowing you to grasp a wider view of changes in consumer behaviour and how it will impact your markets.
- Explore how technological trends (such as AI, AR and 5G) are enabling retail to evolve, so you can better position yourself for long-term success.
- Discover how the world-leading retailers, across the US, Eurozone and Asia, are investing in frictionless shopping technologies, allowing you greater clarity on which frictionless shopping techniques are proving successful and where the best investments are for greater customer retention

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