Click & Collect in the UK, 2018-2023

Click & Collect in the UK, 2018-2023


"Click & Collect in the UK, 2018-2023", report forms part of Its Retail Channels series, and offers a comprehensive insight into the consumer and market dynamics of the click & collect channel. The report analyses the market, the main trends, and consumer attitudes towards the channel.

Click & Collect penetration has risen 1.2ppts from 2017 to 2018, driven mostly by male online shoppers and the dominance of the clothing & footwear sector.

The click & collect channel is forecast to continue growing rapidly to 2023, accounting for 12.9% of online spend by 2023.


- Clothing & Footwear will remain the largest sector within the click & collect channel, accounting for 60% of spend in 2018, as the sector continues to grow rapidly online.
- Store closures will reduce the availability of click & collect so retailers must consider other ways to cater for shoppers who prefer this fulfilment option, such as partnering with other retailers or third-party pickup providers.
- Retailers have improved click & collect services in terms of speed of delivery and cost, but the instore journey must now be improved to ensure the option offers all-round convenience for shoppers.

Reasons to buy

- Use our in-depth consumer insight to learn which sectors are the most important for the click & collect channel and which consumers are most likely to use the method, to be able to successfully tailor click & collect options.
- Understand what drives consumers to chose click & collect, such as the low cost of click & collect options and the guarantee that stock will be available when the shopper visits a store, in order to maximise sales potential.

Channel drivers and inhibitors in click & collect
Main issues in click & collect
The instore collection journey must be improved
The impact of store closures needs to be minimised
Retailers click & collect services have plateaued
Channel definitions
Overall channel size
Channel in context
Overall channel size
Overall channel growth
Sector growth in click & collect
Clothing & footwear
DIY & gardening
Food & grocery
Furniture & floorcoverings
Health & beauty
Click & collect retailer penetration
Profile: John Lewis
Profile: Marks & Spencer
Profiles of Argos, Next, Debenhams, Boots
Click & collect comparisons
Who shops
Who shops: books
Who shops: clothing & footwear
Who shops: DIY & gardening
Who shops: electricals
Who shops: entertainment
Who shops: food & grocery
Who shops: furniture & floorcoverings
Who shops: health & beauty
Who shops: homewares
Shopper profile by sector
The shopper journey
Shopping habits: device used
Shopping habits: device penetration by demographic
Shopping habits: time online shoppers made an order
Shopping habits: time that online orders are picked up
Shopping habits: location of purchase
Shopping habits: journey to pick up purchases
Shopping habits: checking purchases
Shopping habits: additional purchases instore
Shopping habits: length of research time
Shopper motivations
Shopper motivations: Drivers of click & collect usage
Shopper motivations: Drivers by demographic
Shopper motivations: Views on future click & collect usage
Shopper motivations: Option chosen if click & collect unavailable
Satisfaction of fulfilment methods
Definition and methodology