Netscribes provides market research, business intelligence, technology research, investment research and marketing support for clients. Netscribes was founded in 2000 in India primarily supporting clients with economic investments in Asia­Pacific, Europe and North America. Netscribes’ research provides valuable insights for clients regarding strategic and tactical decisions.
 Netscribes’ market research focuses on business research, industry research and company research providing competitive intelligence on the marketplace and competitor’s reach.
 Technology research is geared towards providing insights regarding innovations and patents for client’s art, licensing and drafting. Investment research targets due diligence, equity and financial modeling. Market intelligence covers media monitoring, market intelligence, social media and competitive intelligence. Marketing support which includes social media marketing and management, brand advocacy, content management and online reputation management.
 The focus centered around ensuring specific Indian industries offering opportunities for investment, market entry and industries which have undergone major developments. This information offers an excellent starting point to enable decision makers opportunities to make informed decisions.


Corporate Wellness Market in India 2020

By Netscribes | Technology | Jun 2020 | Page 45

The corporate wellness market in India is led by a balanced mix of established players, including mid-level, emerging, and small ones.....

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Green Technology Market in India 2020

By Netscribes | Energy and Resources | Jun 2020 | Page 73

Market insightsThe green technology market in India is mostly dominated by green energy; electric vehicles, and water and wastewater treatment are the other key market segments. In terms of installed....

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Healthcare Market in India 2020

By Netscribes | Healthcare | Jun 2020 | Page 89

In terms of revenue and employment generation, healthcare has been one of the biggest industries in India. Kerala is one of the states in India that offers outstanding healthcare facilities.Market....

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Pension Fund Market in India 2020

By Netscribes | Financial Services | upcomming | Page 71

The Indian pension industry is a complex and fragmented system. However, the current demographic structure makes it one of the most feasible markets for pension fund providers. The fertility rate....

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Preventive Healthcare Market in India 2020

By Netscribes | Healthcare | Jun 2020 | Page 56

Preventive healthcare refers to the branch of medicine that helps in the early detection of diseases, thus allowing patients, access to prompt treatment. There are five stages of preventive healthcare....

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