A passion for shopping, clothes, cars and gadgets...

Our company was founded in September 1984 by Richard Hyman. Richard’s mission was to make Verdict “the best in retail research and analysis,” differentiating the brand by writing opinion rather than merely reporting retail facts.

We only employ the best to be among our researchers and analysts. They are all passionate consumers, obsessed with the next product, brand or great merchandising idea, and this is reflected in the strength of our analysis and in the service we bring you.

You may not know this

Verdict Retail made in the region of 1,600 appearances across the media in 2014. We know you’re probably too busy to watch the daytime news, but our analysts are frequently invited to appear on stations such as the BBC, Sky News and Bloomberg and, when we’re not busy producing information for you, we speak to the press, providing comment on industry events.

We dont just work with retailers, manufacturers and consumer brands

Many of our clients are property companies, banks and large management consultancies, which use our information to strengthen the service they provide to the retail sector.


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