Sagacious Research, an award-winning Intellectual Property research & consulting firm specializing in IP Monetization, Innovation Management, Technology Scouting and other aspects of IP lifecycle, has helped corporates and their internal/external counsels in many areas including successfully defending patent litigations, monetization/counter assertion of patents, augmenting R&D strategy by patent studies, etc.

Sagacious was founded in 2008 and since then it has served over 1,200 clients from 46+ countries with more than 10,000 assignments in 16+ languages. Its team of over 225 techno-legal professionals spans over its global offices in India, USA, China and now recently in Canada. Its solutions pertain to technology licensing and commercialization, patent litigation support (patent invalidation searches, infringement analysis, non-infringement analysis), invention management (patentability screening, invention marketability analysis, gate-stage analysis), patent prosecution support (patent drafting support, patent drawings, patent proof reading, IDS, paralegal services, patent docketing), patent annuities management, technology landscape analysis (business competitive intelligence, technology scouting, portfolio pruning) and trademark searches.


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