Digital Landscape: Psoriatic Arthritis

Digital Landscape: Psoriatic Arthritis


The Digital Landscape Psoriatic Arthritis report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for active Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA).

Key Highlights

- US Patients: AbbVie offers the strongest support for PsA patients in the US, with activity across all channels; most activity in 2017 detected in the branded space following license extensions in PsA, and new advertising campaigns seen for Cosentyx and Enbrel in PsA, while Janssen launched a Remicade-branded counter-biosimilar campaign. Opportunity exists for a well-integrated unbranded campaign to support patients, linked to social media and a mobile app.
- US HCPs: Good branded support available for US HCPs in PsA, but advertising focus is on other indications. A number of brand sites were updated with PsA content in 2017. Unbranded and mobile app landscapes are sparse, and opportunities may exist to develop or sponsor content with trusted non-pharma organizations. Social media activity is restricted to corporate accounts, with examples of HCP-specific accounts seen in other diseases.
- EUCAN Patients: Good branded support is available for PsA patients in Germany, the UK, and Canada. Unbranded support is strongest from AbbVie, Novartis and Janssen, however no multi-country, local-language campaigns detected. PsA patients have access to a number of mobile apps, but many are branded or are multi-condition. UCB provides the only example of a PsA-specific mobile app in Europe
- EUCAN HCPs: The EUCAN HCP landscape is underdeveloped, with little activity seen past branded. The unbranded and mobile app landscapes are particularly sparse, and partnerships with non-pharma organizations may offer more effective opportunities to engage with and support HCPs.


- This report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for therapies for active psoriatic arthritis (PsA).
- The report includes digital activities directed towards patients and/or HCPs, including branded websites, unbranded disease awareness initiatives, social media and mobile apps.
- The report is based on analysis conducted by a combination of the digital and disease-specific teams. It also includes analysis of data licensed from third parties e.g. website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), digital display advertising, mobile app downloads, and social media interaction.
- The geographic Scope of the report is the United States, Canada and the 5EU (UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain), with EUCAN used as an abbreviation for Europe and Canada throughout.
- This report covers the research period from January - December 2017.

Reasons to buy

- Our Digital Landscape report provides an analysis of pharma multichannel activity in the digital PsA space, and can assist our pharma clients derive value in a number of ways:
- Competitive Intelligence: Track and compare key competitor activity across channels and identify key trends in PsA
- Digital Strategy: Strengthen corporate digital excellence, learn from industry best practice, and identify opportunities for novel digital campaigns
- Support new brand launch: See best practice examples of pre- and post-launch digital activities, ascertain must-have digital assets for patient and HCP engagement, and assess potential gaps and opportunities for pipeline brands
- Business Development & Licensing: Assess topics and trends shaping digital health in PsA and beyond, and learn about key patient and physician online activities in PsA.

Executive Summary
Recent Developments
Landscape & Analysis
US: Patient-directed Activities
US HCP-directed Activities
EUCAN Patient-directed Activities
EUCAN HCP-directed Activities

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