Haynesville Shale in the US, 2019 - Gas Shale Market Analysis and Outlook to 2023

Haynesville Shale in the US, 2019 - Gas Shale Market Analysis and Outlook to 2023

The Haynesville shale is spread across Northwest Louisiana and East Texas, in the US, covering an area of around 9,000 sq. miles. The strategic location of this shale play near to some of the worlds largest petrochemical complexes, LNG export facilities, and more importantly the Gulf of Mexico makes it one of the most revenue-generating shale plays in the US. The facilities around the shale formation help in rapid spud-to-sale cycle time, thus, making it more attractive to the investors.

Due to the deposition of hydrocarbons in deeper layers than most of the other shale gas formations, ranging from 10,500 ft. to 14,000 ft., the companies initially found this play less feasible to extract shale gas with existing technology. However, over the years, innovation in drilling technology and updated completion techniques changed the competitive landscape attracting more players to increase their drilling activities.


- Comprehensive analysis of natural gas production across major counties in Louisiana and Texas during 2013-2018, as well as production outlook from 2019 to 2023
- In-depth information of well permits issued in Louisiana and Texas of the Haynesville shale, by county and by company from January 2018 to June 2019
- Detailed understanding of IP rates and type well profiles in the Haynesville shale
- Exhaustive analysis of competitive landscape in the Haynesville shale in terms of net acreage, gross production, cost trends and planned investments.
- Comparison of type well economic metrics of major players were also analyzed
- Up-to-date information on major mergers and acquisitions in the Haynesville shale between 2013 and 2019
- Overview of existing and active pipeline infrastructure and LNG liquefaction terminals in and around the Haynesville shale, along with a review of the upcoming projects in the region

Reasons to buy

- Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights into the Haynesville shale
- Plan your strategies based on expected developments of the Haynesville shale
- Understand the competitive landscape of the companies in the Haynesville play
- Keep yourself informed of the latest M&A activity in this gas-rich shale play
- Identify opportunities and challenges in the Haynesville shale in the US

1.1. List of Tables 3
1.2. List of Figures 4
2. Overview 5
2.1. Haynesville Shale, Recent Developments and Trends 5
3. Haynesville Shale, Introduction 7
3.1. Haynesville Shale, Overview 7
4. Haynesville Shale, Production and Activity Overview 8
4.1. Haynesville Shale, Production Analysis, 2013-2018 8
4.1.1. Haynesville Shale, Gross Natural Gas Production by County, Louisiana, 2013-2018 8
4.1.2. Haynesville Shale, Gross Natural Gas Production by County, Texas, 2013-2018 10
4.2. Haynesville Shale, Production Outlook, 2019-2023 12
4.2.1. Haynesville Shale, Natural Gas Production Outlook, 2019-2023 12
4.3. Haynesville Shale, Drilling Activity 13
4.3.1. Haynesville Shale, Permits Issued and Completed 13
4.3.2. Haynesville Shale, Well Permits by County 14
4.3.3. Haynesville Shale, Well Permits by Company 16
5. Haynesville Shale, Competitive Landscape 19
5.1. Haynesville Shale, Major Companies by Acreage, 2019 19
5.2. Haynesville Shale, Major Companies by Net Production, 2018 20
5.2.1. Haynesville Shale, Initial Production Rates 22
5.2.2. Well Profile 23