The Fixed services in Latin America: trends and forecasts 2018–2023

Fixed revenue will stay mostly constant as mobile substitution will lead to a large decline in the usage of fixed voice services. Fixed broadband (FBB) revenue will only increase slightly as cable and fibre broadband are marketed at prices that are similar to those for DSL.

<div>5.Executive summary</div>
 <div>6.Executive summary<br /> Worldwide trends<br /> Worldwide: developed Asia–Pacific will take the lead in terms of fixed broadband penetration and will have the highest percentage of total fixed broadband connections<br /> Regional trends<br /><span>Fixed: </span><span>the number of fixed broadband connections will not exceed that of fixed voice connections until 2023, but broadband will generate more revenue in </span><span>2018</span><br /> Fixed: operators’ fibre and cable roll-out plans will have a strong positive effect on next generation access (NGA) adoption across the region<br /> Fixed: the growth in fixed broadband penetration will slow down throughout the forecast period due to limited service affordability<br /> Fixed: fixed revenue will slowly decline from 2020 onwards due to a decrease in fixed voice revenue, despite revenue growth in FBB and business services<br /> Country-level trends<br /> Argentina: regulatory changes and market consolidation have shaken up the fixed and pay-TV markets<br /> Brazil: the growth in the number of NGA connections will lead to a slow but steady increase in telecom revenue<br /> Chile: fixed broadband ARPU will increase thanks to growth in NGA connectivity, but this will be counterbalanced by a fall in fixed voice ARPU</div>
 <div>18.Colombia: Telefónica will shake up the fixed market with acquisitions and fibre technology is expected to gain traction in the coming years</div>
 <div>19.Mexico: fibre connections are expected to increase in popularity due to the planned fibre backbone network<br /> Peru: regulatory sanctions should make the market more consumer friendly<br /> Forecast methodology and assumptions<br /> Our forecast model is supported by sound market knowledge<br /> Examples of forecast input drivers<br /> About the authors and Analysys Mason<br /> About the authors<br /> Analysys Mason’s consulting and research are uniquely positioned<br /> Research from Analysys Mason<br /> Consulting from Analysys Mason</div>

List Of Figures

 <p>Figure 1: Telecoms and pay-TV retail revenue by type and total service revenue, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 2: Fixed service revenue by location, Latin America and worldwide, 2012–2022</p>
 <p>Figure 3: Telecoms retail revenue by service type, fixed voice and fixed broadband ASPU, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 4: Telecoms retail revenue and growth rate by service type, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 5: Fixed connections by type, Latin America (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 6: Broadband connections by technology, Latin America (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 7: Fixed retail revenue by service, Latin America (USD billion), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 8: NGA broadband household penetration and NGA share of broadband connections, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 9: Fixed Internet traffic per broadband connection, Latin America (GB per month), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 10: Fixed broadband household penetration by country, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 11: Fixed broadband access ASPU by country, Latin America, 2013–2023<br /> Figure 12: Broadband connections by technology, Argentina (million), 2013–2023</p>
 <p>Figure 13: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Argentina (ARS per month), 2013–2023</p>
 <p>Figure 14: Broadband connections by technology, Brazil (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 15: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Brazil (BRL per month), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 16: Broadband connections by technology, Chile (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 17: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Chile (CLP thousand per month), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 18: Broadband connections by technology, Colombia (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 19: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Colombia (COP thousand per month), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 20: Broadband connections by technology, Mexico (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 21: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Mexico (MXN per month), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 22: Broadband connections by technology, Peru (million), 2013–2023<br /> Figure 23: Fixed voice ASPU and fixed broadband ASPU, Peru (PEN per month), 2013–2023</p>

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